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Suspect/confirmed deaths in San Luis Province

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  • Suspect/confirmed deaths in San Luis Province


    Google translation:

    Quevedo said that there are 15 cases of influenza A, with no deaths
    Written by Editor
    16-07-09 ---- 15:59

    The Health Minister said that there were 8 deaths by pneumonia. So disavowed the opposition MPs warned that the death of patients.

    Minister of Health of San Luis, Julio Quevedo, said that until today there were 15 confirmed cases of influenza A from the outset of the pandemic and to analyze the deaths of eight people with pneumonia, which disavowed opponents who warned MPs on death of patients.
    Quevedo noted that "in the province at this time, no confirmed case of death from influenza A," and confirmed that those affected by the H1N1 influenza have "positive development".
    The official clarified and statements to the media by opposition deputies and Juan Jose Laborda Ibarra Nemma Amado said that the minister had informed them the deaths of eight people affected by the new flu.
    "When that happens, if it happens, when the Institute Malbr?n us that there is something positive, as Health Minister I will be the first person I will call and inform the community as it reaches the report of Malbr?n" , told the local press without hiding his annoyance.
    Quevedo admitted that five people had died in St. Louis and three in Villa Mercedes, but said that the cause of death was "pneumonia bibasal.
    "They were people who had added a condition," he said and gave them "an aged patient who had diabetes and another who had a cancer."
    The minister said that "patients who are any infectious respiratory tract, it puts them at risk of life and indeed have lost."
    "This year we have had fewer deaths from pneumonia last year that there was no influenza A. The number was much higher and said the figure was not at that time," he added.
    Quevedo noted that those patients who died were taken and the sample was sent to the Institute Malbr?n, "that is with a delay of 20 days."
    "As to come (the results) if any of the samples were positive, as minister I will be the first to call for transmitting information, said Quevedo.
    Members of the Front together by San Luis, in dialogue with the press, had said that on Wednesday morning at a meeting with the minister, he had said that the eight were awarded to the deaths of the pandemic virus. DyN.

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    Re: Suspect/confirmed deaths in San Luis Province


    Google translation:

    It was confirmed that Professor Alberto Ayala died of influenza A

    Monday July 20, Mercedes came to the first result of a sample from the laboratory of the Institute Malbr?n, which was sent along with other timely, to determine whether patients who belonged to them had influenza A.

    According to official information, the sample corresponds to Professor Alberto Ayala, who passed away on June 29 last, thus confirming his death as a result of having contracted the influenza virus.

    Doctors assume that in the next few hours will start to get new test results that have been asked recently. While the number of patients has decreased as well as consultations, most are outpatient cases, doctors advise not to stop taking precautions, with the result because the evidence of Professor Ayala, confirmed that the virus is still in Mercedes.


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      Re: Suspect/confirmed deaths in San Luis Province


      They total 57 cases of the disease
      Confirmed the third death from influenza A

      (Mega24) The Ministry of Health confirmed the third death from influenza A (H1N1) in the province, following the positive results received from the Institute "Dr. Carlos Malbr?n "a teacher of 34 years who died in a private sanatorium in the Mercedes June 29.

      In this way, official data show that 3 people died after suffering from the disease: a man of 61 years of Capital, a woman of 43, Paso de los Libres, and the aforementioned Mercedes, it should be noted that all these patients had statements of comorbidity, ie they had predisposing medical charts, "as pointed out by specialists.

      There are now 57 cases of influenza A (H1N1) in Corrientes, since in the last 24 the province received the confirmation of 14 samples analyzed by the Malbr?n well, add 54 and 3 of this institute institute analysis Clinical Manlab " .

      As they await the results of other samples of 14 patients died from respiratory infection with laryngeal swabs were sent in time to confirm or exclude influenza A.

      In this context, the morning of the ministries of Public Health and Education of the province extends if you define the closure in schools, during a reunion that will take place from 11 in the building at 640 Cordova Street.


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        Re: Suspect/confirmed deaths in San Luis Province


        More than fifty cases reported
        Influenza: another death and more suspicions
        Publication Date: Tuesday, July 21, 2009

        A new influenza A died in the province reported the Institute Malbr?n. This is a man of 34 years originally from Mercedes. As a baby died and a woman with symptoms compatible with the disease virus.

        Schneider recalled that decreased the number of consultations by respiratory although urged not to abandon the measures of prevention.
        Health Minister Adolfo Schneider confirmed a new death from influenza A (H1N1) in the province, following the announcement of Malbr?n Institute, which also reported a further 11 positive cases, which are affected and recovered. While yesterday also joined two suspicious deaths, a boy 12 years of the paving location and a woman of 50 came from this city.
        With this new report, 57 are cases of influenza A reported in Corrientes-3 of which are fatalities. According to informed by the Deputy Director of Epidemiology-dependent health portfolio, Angelina Bobadilla, the new death from influenza A confirmed by the national focal point is a man of 34 years, a native of Mercedes, who was interned in intensive care in a private clinic in the city.
        According to the professional, the man was a healthy patient and sending the sample to Malbr?n occurred on June 29, when it was taken to the health center. With this, as with many other studies submitted, demonstrating the extreme delay on the part of the institute bonaerense in response to the studies.
        In this regard, Undersecretary of Public Health, Emilio Lanari, referred to the extensive response from the institution. "The delay causes considerable Malbr?n us," complained the officer, because you can not have reliable records on the confirmations and you have to speak mostly of samples suspected of the disease.

        Deaths under suspicion
        As for the two suspicious deaths by influenza A that had the province, Bobadilla said that it was a boy of 12 years, originally from the town of Empedrado that by complicating their respiratory condition was referred to the Pediatric Hospital "Juan Pablo II "of this city, which finally died yesterday. "We are examining whether the boy had any comorbidities," said the professional.
        Also commented that this is another suspicious death of a woman of 50 years who lived in this city. In this case, "the woman had a inmunocompromiso," said Bobadilla.
        With these two deaths, the number of suspicious deaths by influenza A in Corrientes was 17.

        Less consultations
        For his part, Minister of Public Health Adolph Schneider reiterated that the number of queries from patients with respiratory conditions. Even "a smaller number of patients at entry floor, while not altering those in intensive care, not because they had paid more but that takes the output of those who are there," said an official at radio (NDR: The Coast throughout the day tried to communicate with the staff, but efforts were unsuccessful because it did not respond to repeated calls), while that in the whole province has about 37 people housed in this type of rooms.
        With regard to disease progression in Goya in recent days, Schneider said that "18 patients in institutions, one in intensive care 10 days ago, but the situation is no different to the rest of the province," he said.
        Moreover, the Minister of Health of the Nation, Juan Manzur, said yesterday that the deaths by influenza A in the country amounted to 165, while indicating that the situation is "much better", but clarified that "the level alert continues. "
        "The situation when one compares it with a week ago when we had the largest number of patients is much better today," said the minister. "The consultations fell by 30%, but this does not mean that we are good, we are better, but the warning continues," he stressed.
        Also, on Radio 10 Manzur stressed that "in this context you can not work with quantitative but qualitative" and stressed that "we must wait the end of the year to compare the evolutionary charts.
        About the amount of sick people in the country Manzur explained that "there is a small percentage of people consulted, the majority are asymptomatic," and explained: "that small percentage of that consultation, a minimum quantity is placed in such a small number go to intensive care units and a small percentage of those who die. "

        The number of deaths by influenza A (H1N1) in the country. Three deaths from the disease were confirmed by the Malbr?n in Corrientes, although suspicious deaths are increased with the passage of days.


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          Re: Suspect/confirmed deaths in San Luis Province


          expected results Malbr?n
          Paranoia in San Luis del Palmar for a possible victim of fatal influenza A
          A couple of 23 years died of a pneumonia and has not been ruled out by the influenza virus. Family and friends who had contact with him are medicated with Tamiflu as a preventive measure. In the town there were 10 suspected cases.
          The community of San Luis del Palmar was shocked by the death of a young man of 23 years who, according to the autopsy, may have died of influenza A.

          Within the global pandemic and the health emergency declared in the province, the local doctors in the hospital medical antiviral prophylaxis-a-way to all the relatives and friends who had direct contact with the couple.
          The director of the health center, Ricardo Posse, said the measure "was implemented in the framework of the known situation, which included influenza among possible diagnoses."
          In the town there were 10 suspected cases of influenza, which joined 5 other people after the death of the young. "Although no symptoms, they recommended isolation and medication," the doctor.
          The rumor that the boy might have died of influenza A has generated some excitement in the community, according to Posse, but said the local hospital has enough doses to medicate at all possible cases that arise.
          However, it transpired that the couple died, Francisco Ojeda, presented a box flu during the days preceding his death, but did not appeal to the doctor and after having celebrated the Day of the Friend died suddenly at his home. They still have to wait several days to confirm whether this is a case of influenza A. That will come when the results of the Institute Malbr?n of Buenos Aires.

          Menos paranoia
          Pandemic influenza A is still lurking. Despite the claim that reduced the paranoia of the population increases and suspected cases so far in the province of Corrientes were 2 fatalities confirmed by the virus. And in what might be described as a dramatic recount, patients with suspicious symptoms are already above 100. Although updated daily count of the victims and contagion, the provincial health portfolio numeral indicates that these are partial, since not all health centers are reporting cases of influenza A.


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            Re: Suspect/confirmed deaths in San Luis Province


            19:42 - HEALTH | INFLUENZA

            The fourth confirmed death from influenza A in San Luis 2009-08-01 00:00:00

            The health minister of the province puntana said that a woman aged 46 died today after suffering from influenza A. The cause of death was confirmed by the Institute Malbr?n of the City of Buenos Aires. "We are acting as indicated from the national government sent a single sample every 15 patients who are placed in critical condition," said the head of the health, Julio Quevedo.

            A woman of 46 years died from influenza A in St. Louis and is the fourth victim of the disease in that province. In addition, there are 40 officially registered cases of infection, as reported today by the Minister of Health puntano, Julio Quevedo.

            The cause of death was confirmed by the Institute Malbr?n, Capital Federal, said the official, who explained that "the woman was placed in a private sanatorium puntana of the capital where he had entered with a severe pneumonia."

            "We are acting as indicated by national government to send a single sample every 15 patients who are placed in critical condition," said Quevedo.

            Then he added that "both the private and public continue to be reported influenza cases in which more than 90% did not require hospitalization and outpatient treatment." The Health Minister said that in recent weeks the situation of the pandemic in St. Louis has remained "stable."
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              Re: Suspect/confirmed deaths in San Luis Province


              Influenza A: a villamercedino is the fifth death in the province
              Written by Editor
              06-08-09 ---- 08:40
              This was informed by the Ministry of Health. The patient of 30 years had a chronic illness inmunodepresiva. Extended until August 10 the special licenses in the public administration and the judiciary.

              Villamercedino a man of 30 years, who had a severe respiratory table, became the fifth fatal victim in the province due to influenza A. "He was a person who had a chronic illness inmunodepresiva, the onset of the disease was influenza, but then the picture was complicated by its history. He had pneumonia, as all who have died in the province," explained in July Quevedo Health Minister to give a report received from the Institute Malbr?n. For his part, head of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Program, Cristian Cano, said the patient was treated at the Polyclinic, Villa Mercedes.
              So far there are five who died sanluise?os affected by influenza A: 1 in San Luis, Villa Mercedes 2, 1 and 1 Concar in Los Molles. Three women and two men, one of whom was a boy of 5 years. Confirrmados addition there are 61 cases and 781 suspects, whose analysis and were sent to the Institute Malbr?n of Buenos Aires.