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Suspected A/H1N1 death in Bariloche, Rio Negros

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  • Suspected A/H1N1 death in Bariloche, Rio Negros


    Analyze whether the police Bols?n died of influenza A

    His death was the result of a cardiac arrest, but on Saturday had been referred to the city of Bariloche with symptoms characteristic of swine flu.

    One police officer died this weekend at the hospital in Bariloche and now if he had analyzed influenza A.

    The event shocked the community because the mountain range officer was widely known and enjoyed the general esteem. His death was the result of a cardiac arrest, but was derived from El Bolson on Saturday with symptoms characteristic of swine flu.

    It was also reported that two other troops of the 12th police station had the same complications, but have evolved with the passage of time.

    The deceased is Federico Espinosa, 34, who was based in the city for about 5 years and had young children. Its rugged appearance and sympathy with the neighbors who tried it quickly won the popular account, which is known as "El Toco".

    The outbreak led to an urgent meeting yesterday of emergency command and Healthcare forward from today, "begins the mitigation phase," since "the virus is circulating among us, and not for cases brought from Buenos Aires or from outside, but from person to person and have not left the village, "he explained.

    In relation to the fatal case, Juan Cruz Astellarra, medical epidemiologist from the local hospital, said that the transfer to Bariloche was decided "because of an acute respiratory infection, which indicates that it is now suspected case of influenza A. He was treated in this way and started treatment but sadly died in a few hours. It has taken samples that are going to Buenos Aires, "completed.

    Two other positive cases were detected in the town of El Hoyo Chubut, last week, but both patients improved with treatment and are discharged.

    Agency Bols?n journal Black River

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    Re: Suspected A/H1N1 death in Bariloche, Rio Negros


    To investigate whether three Andean Area deaths were caused by influenza A

    ImageBariloche (DNA) .- The secretary of Health, Black River, Daniel Chiosso, director of the hospital and the area "Ramon Carrillo, Susana Rodriguez, confirmed that three deaths are being investigated if two-residents of El Bolson and Bariloche-a were the result of a condition of the Influenza A virus H1N1. Now awaiting the results of epidemiological samples.

    The three cases were of people killed between Friday and Sunday morning and epidemiological samples (pos death in one case) were sent to the Institute for Malbran confirmation.

    Chiosso consultation confirmed the DNA that is only three fatal cases in the province of Black River is a suspect can respond to disease of influenza A.

    The authorities explained that so far there is "no deaths confirmed by the Influenza A virus was investigated but only three cases.

    One case is the death of a Police El Bolson, who died in the ambulance while being transferred from that location to Bariloche, but had been treated in hospital with respiratory disease that location and hours before his death epidemiological samples were taken.

    The police died in the early hours of Sunday and would be framed within a risk group for their characteristics of hyper obese, said the director of the hospital barilochense.

    The second case of El Bolson under investigation has no further explanation from the authorities and the case of Bariloche for a patient "history" of the hospital.

    Rodriguez denied versions about the possible death of a municipal employee as a result of influenza A.

    Officials reported at a press conference in Bariloche about two new cases in the city that are included within the 23 confirmed in the province and added that 9 in Bariloche.

    Studies at the Institute Malbr?n takes about 15 days, as confirmed and noted that following the new national legislation in the next few hours, Black River hospitals receive treatments from 7600 referred to the provincial Ministry of Health.

    The hospital's director of Bariloche acknowledged that following the declaration of health emergency and suspension of classes dropped by the Council's attention to cases with respiratory conditions. "

    In addition Bariloche suspended thermal controls at the international airport because "they were not yielding positive results, as detect?bamos persons with fever not responding to symptoms of influenza A, also have entered into Phase 6 of the epidemic address where the suspected cases recommends no further action and massive. (DNA)