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Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios

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  • Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


    Google translation:
    Investigating two deaths in Entre R?os and Gualeguaych? strengthens preventive measures
    Neither players nor cyber or bailantas or bowling. To Citizens Environmental Assembly decided to suspend its sessions for two weeks on Wednesdays, in preventing infections.
    By: Ver?nica Toller

    In Gualeguaych? by Order 1105-09, the mayor Juan Jose ruled today Bahillo suspension in the city until July 10 inclusive, shows and public events and private, enclosed spaces with concurrence of the public. Therefore remain closed bowling, confectionery, pubs, restaurant and grill with live entertainment, beer patios, wisker?as, maternal gardens, private educational institutions (language, dance, music, etc..), Video game room, covered swimming , gymnasiums.

    Meanwhile, restaurants, canteens, cafes, pizzerias, ice cream shops may carry out its activities by restricting the ability of individuals for which they were entitled to 50% in order to achieve greater distance between them. There will be fines and even closure as a penalty for those who do not comply with this provision.

    In government offices, banks and shops with large number of people, should arbitrate any preventive measures recommended by the health authority avoiding agglomeration of people.

    "Following the experience of Mexico and the successful measures taken there, the suspension will be for nine days, covering three generations of the virus (he lived between 48 and 72 hours), which expects an effective prevention of infection," he told Clar?n counsel Joaquin Venturina, editor of the municipal decree.

    Moreover, it is estimated that two deaths from influenza A in the southern city entrerriano. The first, a young, would have occurred last Friday at the local Centennial Hospital. The second, another young woman, pregnant, died on Wednesday at the sanatorium AGOS 1, after which the attending physicians who performed a cesarean section to reach and save her baby 7 months of gestation.

    The samples taken up to the victims had symptoms consistent with influenza A, bacterial pneumonia and rapid development of bilateral pneumonia. The peak of affected cases in this city occurred between 20 and 22 June, "and hopefully in the next few days a second wave," said Luis Castillo, medical director of the AGOS.

    The doctor also indicated that there are 16 confirmed and suspected cases in Gualeguaych?, "but statistically, emerges only 1%. That is, to know how many there are real concerned, we must multiply that number by emerging thousand."

    "The common flu is a historic occurrence of 4 deaths per thousand, while influenza A has a 1 per mil. But: if we do not have the H1N1 certainties. This is the first time that this virus attacks in the southern hemisphere winter, and is behaving in an unexpected way, with various complications of the common seasonal influenza, "said Castillo.

    Meanwhile, not only in Entre Rios were suspended classes: the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) declared unqualified judicial 6 to July 10 inclusive, days that will join the fair court starting 11. Will keep the attention of the criminal courts and in turn empower other jurisdictions in emergencies.

    Despite the empty schools, parents or guardians are authorized Entre schools that serve meat to remove it. There will not be delivered directly to students. In sanatoriums were suspended for 15 days and all scheduled surgeries will be attended to only extreme emergencies. The decision was taken by the social Iosper, the Association of Emergency Services, the Federation and the College of Medical Biochemists.

    In the area hospital, on the other hand, the director of the Regional Hospital of Salto (ROU), Juan Pablo Selci, reported that the department is located in eastern health alert both public and private, to the situation in Argentina.

    In tourism, the Association of Passenger Transport Automotor Entre Rios reported that the sale of tickets for long-distance bus fell by 35% in the last 60 days, motivated by this pandemic influenza A.

    The Minister of Health, Giano Angel, entrerriano reported that the government ordered the closure of the complex thermal by 30 days, "but each municipality must establish what to do based on their autonomy and authority to enforce our decision", Cushions . In the case of Concorde, for example, there is resistance from the Association of hotels and restaurants to close the baths of the city.

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    Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


    Entre Rios confirmed its first fatal case of influenza A

    The Director of Health, Entre R?os, Pablo Basso, Clarin this evening confirmed the first death from influenza in the province. This is a man of more than 60 years, who died in the Diamante area.

    In the 39 cases confirmed by the Institute in Entre Rios Malbr?n yesterday joined 17 others, a result of the analysis made in this laboratory. Among them, appeared the figure of a man of the department Diamanete near Paran?, who died from influenza type H1N1. It is the first death from this cause, certified in the province.

    Meanwhile, many other samples are still waiting, including alleged killings by the epidemic in Gualeguaych? (which remains the focus more complicated in the province), Concordia and Paran?.

    Report: Ver?nica Toller, correspondent Gualeguaych?
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      Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


      09-07-2009 | 12:22

      The first death and the increase in cases did not prevent the relaxation of

      The Ministry of Health and Welfare acknowledged that ten days ago a man died in Villa Libertador San Mart?n by influenza A (H1N1) and increasing the suspected cases, however, the Emergency Committee decided to relax the tourism, gastronomy, religious and sports and support restrictions on massive concentrations of people, to prevent the spread of influenza.

      According to an official press party, according to the reality present health of the province and with the advice and suggested by the Expert Committee, the Ministry of Health and Social considered desirable to maintain the suspension of any activity involving young people in concentration spaces, flexible and recommendations available to meet sanitary measures by municipalities and communes, to regulate the actions of social groups, individuals and institutions that develop activities with a high concentration of people.

      In this context, it advised the development of thermal activities, sports and religious outdoors, avoiding the massive concentration and respecting the recommended social distancing measures.

      In addition it was suggested to the owners of bars and restaurants to carry out their activities are carried out with an occupancy of 50 percent.

      It was also recommended and the Institute of Financial Aid to the Social Action activities in casinos and arcades are maintained with the implementation of Decree No. 2.640/09GOB until Sunday 12 July inclusive and from Monday 13, performed with the occupation of premises at 50 percent, with reduced time and with the conditions of social distancing and hygiene measures and prophylaxis recommended.

      He also urged owners of transport agencies, employees of municipalities and the province, to verify compliance with strict hygiene measures and prophylaxis and social distancing recommendations.

      The government confirmed the first death in the province
      Ten days ago a man died 63 years at Villa Libertador San Mart?n by influenza A (H1N1), informed the Minister of Health and Social Action, Angel Giano, who noted that confirmation of the case was conducted by the Institute Malbr?n, which is the national reference laboratory.

      The patient Villa Libertador San Mart?n "had other health problems based on his painting which was complicated and resulted in death," explained the health authorities of the Emergency Committee for the Control of Emerging Diseases and Re-emerging, which is conducting epidemiological analysis with respect to influenza A (H1N1).

      "We received confirmation from the Institute Malbr?n that the death of this patient from the town of Villa Libertador San Mart?n, the department Diamond, occurred as a result of a complication as it was associated with a respiratory problem," the minister confirmed the first death by influenza A (H1N1).

      In addition, the Emergency Committee reported that 13 other cases were confirmed by lab and epidemiologic link 4 more that are evolving favorabl
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        Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


        Google translation:

        Influenza A: 15 children with severe respiratory problems were cured and one died

        [11/07/2009 | 09:51] - When located just 240 km from Capital Federal, in Gualeguaych? knew that a pandemic of influenza A was going to arrive earlier, and perhaps with greater virulence than another city of Entre Rios .

        Jorge Garcia, Chief of Pediatrics at the hospital "Centennial" in Gualeguaych?, described as the hospital was to care for patients with respiratory problems. The moment of greatest severity lived as last Saturday when 16 boys found that did not improve with conventional antibiotics. "We had to put all these kids with respiratory problems in the protocol of antiviral treatment as if they were patients who had influenza A," he said. Most improved and a boy who died had previous neurological problems. They also killed a woman who was pregnant but not yet confirmed that this is a case of influenza H1 N1.

        "Gualeguaych? is a special place, is unusual because geographically glasses direct the Federal Capital. Many people living in Gualeguaych? is going to work and back on Thursday or Friday to Gualeguaych?, "said Garcia. "It is an epidemiological link important when we know that everything has been raised in the great metropolis," he explained.
        25 days ago, which were organized and met every day with the director of the hospital and heads of services, including guards, pediatrics, clinical, and half of adult intensive care. "This was a situation that we came to do and developing strategies to take some lessons taken from outside as if Mexico and the U.S. and the various epidemics of the years 17, 57 and 68," he added.
        "Without a doubt, until June 28 it seemed that there was nothing," he said. From that day: "begin appearing in major newspapers that the information suggested that influenza A was in our country."
        In the pediatric service of a bolt was tightened and the nursing staff and cleaners. "We closed to foreign visitors and that is not related to our service. HiCo four isolation rooms, thinking that something was going to happen, "he said. Until there were no complications in 28 children, but that cases were occurring in the adult population, 20 to 60 years and problems with previous cardiac problems, diabetes and severe bronchial asthma.
        At the same time near the town began to develop joint strategies. "It was a decree to close the places where there was an important movement, especially indoor restaurants, bars and dancing clubs," he said.
        Among all pediatric consultations sought to separate those who have respiratory problems and fever. "These patients always tried to have of our special attention because we knew that patients were at some point we could return at a disadvantage in health," said Chief of Pediatrics.
        "Until Saturday of last week everything was fine. There were kids with bronchiolitis, asthma attacks, "he said. In recent years, with an acceptable range of antibiotics, patients in 48 or 72 hours. have stopped breathing difficulties. "On Saturday we find that instead of being better, they were worse. Radiologic images of pneumonia in one lung were reflected also in the other lung, "said Garcia.
        Immediately contacted Children's Hospital "Ricardo Gutierrez" of Buenos Aires. "Talk to the pediatrician of the hospital and had to put all these kids with respiratory problems in the protocol of antiviral treatment as if they were patients who had influenza A," said the doctor.
        "From there the story changes. July 9 was yesterday met the five-day treatment protocol that marks the antiviral. "I would say thank God and the efforts of all our comrades, the boys have come forward," he explained. In total there were 16 boys. "Fifteen with significant respiratory compromise. We had but a single death of a boy Ceibas with a serious neurological problem. I would say that this guy was going to have that end at some point in their lives, "said Garcia.
        "At this moment we have placed four of those guys who is one of eight or nine years with a severe neurological problem but they are much better with all the measures we have taken. Are being completed to evaluate and you would say that on Monday morning and will go high, "he said.


        "The peak of pediatric consultations we had on Saturday, June 20. Served that day of 250 to 270 of a respiratory consultation, "he said. "Consultations are currently ranging from 30 to 40 queries per day in the hospital. I concur that people would say less than it usually contributes to the hospital, "said Garcia.


        "At first there was a lot of people who had committed to the basic disease. More or less what happened in Buenos Aires in the province, the capital and in Rosario, "he said.In addition they had to meet two cases of pregnant women. "One of them had to do a caesarean section in early. The baby is fine, "he said. But the mother died but it is confirmed that there was an issue for influenza A. Missing virological confirmation of diagnosis.


        "I have 33 years of medical experience and never experienced a situation like this where the number of patients had collapsed or nearly impossible to attend," said Chief of Pediatrics. "When you have no previous experience, we have to live this experience. Draw our conclusions as to see the face this situation in 2010. I believe that all measures were implemented, from a politician or the other, were good measures, "said Garcia.

        "If you ask me whether they were taken in time, I have my doubts. I have the impression that the election was more important than influenza A. But the acts were taken in the first world countries like Mexico and the U.S., "he added.
        The doctor spent a separate paragraph for a part of the society it is recommended that trip but decided to travel the long weekend or attending football matches. "I think there are issues to do with culture and we are far behind and we have little awareness of the rights and duties as citizens," he said.


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          Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


          PANDEMIC. Reveal that there are 7 cases in the study of people killed by alleged action of the H1N1 virus
          There are 1,000 patients in treatment for influenza A

          SUMUNISTRO. In the Hospital San Roque de Paran? prepare doses of oseltamivir for patients requiring treatment for influenza.
          (Sergio Ruiz)

          Throughout the province to the official data show that there are 80 inpatients. The disease is more virulent in Gualeguaych? and youth.

          For the first data that is known to take into account the actual development of the pandemic influenza A in Entre R?os: official data, although not entirely rigorous about that today in the province there are about 1,000 patients with the antiviral medication against this illness, oseltamivir, which now monopolizes the distribution network of hospitals and healthcare centers in the state.
          However, the data are not sufficient to establish an epidemiological map to establish accurately the actual number of people affected by the influenza virus A H1N1, the protocol followed by professionals in hospitals is to medicate anyone who presents disease symptoms such as high fever, headache and general decay. The official estimate is that 100 flu cases, 92 were type A.

          Precisely, one of the definitions they met at the end of the last meeting of the Federal Health Council (COFESA), chaired by the Minister of Health of the Nation, Jorge Manzur, suggested that any person older than 15 years, suspected of carrying the virus receive the drug oseltamivir provided in public hospitals. Manzur said then that "90% of virus circulating in the country is H1N1," and that "virological studies were performed only in cases of severe acute respiratory infection requiring hospitalization."
          Such a shift in attention complicated the accurate counting of cases of influenza A.

          STATE OF SITUATION. Biochemistry Diana MERN, professional called Situation Room that monitors daily changes in the pandemic influenza A in Entre Rios in the Division of Epidemiology, said the H1N1 virus "has shifted" to other types of flu, by which in patients with suspected tables is no longer taking samples to be sent to the Institute Malbr?n of Buenos Aires, which also said, "is saturated."
          In the front office and the doctor, every patient is evaluated, and if you have some symptoms of the disease, headache, high fever, sore throat, general malaise, is the antiviral medication.
          Accounting for what happens in the state sector and the private sector, which provided the medicine in the state already has some 1,000 medical personnel in the province, revealed Merna.
          They are usually people who are so-called "risk groups", ie young people, pregnant women and patients who have risk factors, such as diabetics, immunosuppressed, asthmatics, children under 5 years and older than 75 years . Clear that there is another group that did not enter into the statistics there are people who are showing symptoms, do not go to the doctor, and self.
          "So we say, do not consult a doctor because the doctor knows what to do, there is a medication available, there is a risk of medication," said Merna.

          CASE STUDY IN. Entre Rios joined on Wednesday, 8, died at the first list of 94 deaths reported by the Ministry of Health of the Nation since the beginning of the pandemic influenza A. It was, as previously reported, the death of a patient of 63 years, a native of Villa Libertador San Mart?n, Diamond department, who according to party official, "had other health problems based on his painting which was complicated and killed. "
          Although the outcome remains still other 7 patients died from acute respiratory complication boxes, which could be due to H1N1 influenza virus, but we must discern the Institute Malbr?n. In this figure adds another: there are currently about 80 patients hospitalized for complications of influenza-like tables.

          Although the focus of the Government aims to Gualeguaych?, the town where the virus has attacked with virulence. "Gualeguaych? is the city where the viral disease is more intense," said Health Minister Angel Giano, and attributed this to two reasons: "The fact that a person has traveled to Mexico at the outbreak of the epidemic in that country and that the return has not taken the necessary measures to avoid contagion, and proximity to the province of Buenos Aires, where there are more cases of influenza A affected.
          "The situation is similar to Gualeguaych? reality of Buenos Aires Federal Capital and the rest of Entre R?os", said the minister did not rule out the possibility that the virus has already mutated in Argentina. "We must prepare for the possibility of a resurgence," Giano said, adding that "beyond the effort to make the state depends on the commitment of society and social responsibility to implement measures for prophylaxis and hygiene stop the advance of the virus. "

          A medical alert inequalities

          Guillermo Zanuttini The doctor recommended that "at this winter than it remains important that all kids develop social activities outdoor conduct and respect for personal care and collective."
          "So, for now, we need to protect their families, care and want and you, too, being with others - peer-to play, have fun and play sports and other recreational activities cultural and performing routine, "he said.
          Zanuttini, head of the Care of Children, Bureau of Maternal and Child Health's Youth Health Department, said that children "should and can exercise their constitutional rights during the winter recess and forced by the educational epidemiological situation created by the spread of respiratory viruses, including the influenza A (H1N1). "
          But he also warned: "Social inequalities in the society determine clearly a pattern of distribution opportunities for well-being, dignity and freedom for our various children and adolescents, and at the same time, that shape and play behavior, behavior and culture individuals to them according to their social group membership. "
          Therefore, he said, "the premises that should guide the actions of state and society as a whole for these priority segments of the population, is to rethink, redesign and redefine democratic criteria, strategies and policies to address such inequities to go very quickly toned until the goal of reducing them all to achieve civil and political rights that allow a floor to their proper dignity, survival and development. "
          Similarly, it recommended that children develop these social activities outdoor conduct and respect for personal care and collectively.
          "These winter long at the spread of influenza, which further increases the risk of inclusion of children and adolescents who are at educational risk, requires that the adults accompanying them, favors activities at home (games, reading, controlled TV, kitchen, household arrangements, cleaning) and in the neighborhood, but their habits and caring individual and social behavior, "he said.
          Recommended play, practice sports, go to the club, to the square and walk outdoors. Discouraged but to go to the theater, the cinema, the player, the pool, to cyber, or bowling. "If there must be protected, but knowing that the risk is higher," he warned.

          The data

          8000 is the last part of DOSE
          oseltamivir in antiviral that is applied in cases of influenza A, which received the province from the Nation.


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            Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


            The expert committee gave approval for the government to close the recess of the public administration.

            The new threat. The death of a woman occurred on June 26 in Gualeguaych?
            Confirmed a new death from influenza A and the recess ends
            Since now the state takes over the provincial work. Giano opposed the creation of a Ministry of Health.

            Health authorities in the province yesterday, the second confirmed death from influenza A, which occurred on June 26 with a person of Gualeguaych?.
            Health Secretary, Paul Basso reported that laboratory tests confirmed that the Institute Malbr?n suffering from influenza A woman Gualeguaych? deceased for almost a month. "This is a woman who unfortunately had other problems too, because a person was obese, with an asthmatic component and hyperglycemia," explained the official.
            Thus joined two deaths from the H1N1 virus confirmed in the province, but could be more, and perform various tests remaining. Basso said yesterday that the remaining analysis performed with seven other deaths, of which there are high chances of finding other cases.
            Basso said: "This is a woman Gualeguaych? of 31 years, who unfortunately had other problems too, because a person was obese, with an asthmatic component and hyperglycemia. Those are many risk factors together, "he said.
            APF told that the disease was a very rapid fatal evolution. We understand that the people of the Centenary hospital, the woman admitted to hospital and died the same day. There was no time to provide appropriate treatment, "he said.
            Of the other seven deaths, four occurred in Gualeguaych?, but so far could not confirm the cause of death. Eight deaths occurred in this locality, the province hardest hit by the emergence of the virus, were filed as deaths from pneumonia.

            END OF BREAK. The provincial government yesterday made void the recess in the central and decentralized public administration, except for those players considered at-risk groups. Also mandated the continued health emergency, and was considered ineffective administrative unqualified, so the activity will restart today.
            The decree signed by the Lieutenant Governor, Jos? Lauritto, who was in charge of the Executive Branch and was "the curve of evolution of influenza A (H1N1 influenza) marks a downward trend and a decrease of the consultations and the occupation of Critical beds in hospitals and nursing homes more important. "
            It was also clarified that "the committee of experts and recommended to the Provincial Emergency Committee to take into consideration that appropriate measures taken should be left without effect gradually phased transitional ...", and maintain preventive measures.

            I did not know, but is opposed. Moreover, the Minister of Health and Social Action, Angel Giano said radio yesterday that she heard the Voice "by means of the intention to lift the Secretariat Ministry of Health, as published yesterday ONE. "What I understand is that the body of the government promoted the governors," he added Giano. Then he added: "Before this, we should discuss health policy we want for the coming years," he explained. "I do not think it appropriate that legislators imposed on the Governor or a Minister a specific area. Here the ideal is to work, discuss, and call upon all sectors to see what we want to make health policy, "said Giano.
            Yesterday, meanwhile, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Carlos Garbelino (PJ-Victoria), stressed the need to transform the area into the Ministry of Health. "Health" is a key part, with many employees, many, and the administrative bureaucracy sometimes makes something that you should see that yesterday, wait months or a year, "he said.
            Having the rank of Ministry "is needed to improve the health of entrerriano," he said. "We must give greater agility to the process because it is the slowest of the system," said Garbelino, who also criticized the decisions in this area are taken by professionals such as accountants or lawyers, who are not of health, "he added.

            And add 185
            The government reported today bonaerense 77 fatal cases of influenza A in the province, eight more for the last report, and noted that in the district are 709 confirmed cases and 2,870 doubtful. Santa Fe reported six more deaths, leading to 68 deaths in the province of Neuqu?n and the government confirmed four deaths, bringing the total to five deaths in the province, while the City of Buenos Aires confirmed 15 deaths.
            Argentina, with 137 deaths according to figures from the Ministry of Health and 185 under provincial reports and the City of Buenos Aires, is the second country in number of fatalities in the world.


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              Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


              Increased to four the number of victims for Influenza A in Entre Rios
              This was confirmed by the Secretary of Health of the province and said that no concrete figures on those infected with influenza A, and not to send samples to the Institute Malbr?n due to delays in submitting the results.

              Health Secretary, Paul Basso, said in statements radiales already confirmed four deaths as a result of the Influenza A in Entre Rios. It was then that new results are received by the institute sent bonaerense Malbr?n.
              The figure rises from Monday, when it had confirmed a new death from infection of influenza A (H1N1) in a woman from the city of Gualeguaych? to reach the two victims> But today the figure rose again, after Health Secretary of the province confirmed in statements to LT 14, two new deaths from the> Also, Basso explained that there are difficulties and lengthy delays in receiving the results delivered by the institute Malbr?n, referring to samples taken in Entre Rios of suspected cases of influenza A.
              Basso said that "makes no sense given the number of infected because now contained between 60 and 70, were suspended because the samples that are sent to the Institute Malbr?n?. Therefore, he stressed that the figures are not updated as it would have delays of up to 30 days in the arrival of the test results to the province.
              The officer presiding over a meeting Wednesday with the directors of public hospitals in the province, in the hall of the General Council of Education.
              At the reunion, epidemiological analysis was performed in the province and to instruct managers on the operation of hospitals recently signed agreement stating that the IOSPER pay for services at public hospitals as well as private ones, said Basso.


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                Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


                Suman four confirmed deaths by influenza A

                Yesterday confirmed two new cases: a boy of 4 years and an adult Viale 37 years of Gualeguaych?, who died in late June.
                Reduce Enlarge

                Institute Malbr?n samples were sent to 251 suspects, of whom 59 have been confirmed infected.

                Of the two new cases, the person of 37 years, originally from the town of Gualeguaych? is the first victim who was not a background disease. In contrast, little Viale, 4 years old, suffered from a recurring obstructive bronchitis (BOR).
                The confirmations were almost a month after the deaths. The death of Gualeguaych? occurred June 29 and that of the June 27 Viale. Such is the pace of results that will reveal the Institute Malbr?n and consistent with the first two known cases: that of 63 years, died June 19 at the Villa Libertador and the 31 years of Gualeguaych?, who lost his life on June 23.
                These four cases could be added another five, if the samples of the deceased are certified in the coming hours. According to a EL DIARIO Minister of Health and Social Action, Angel Giano, the province sent Malbr?n 251 samples, with confirmation of 59 cases infected with influenza A H1N1.

                CRITERION. The criteria for sending the sample. In early June, when it comes to determining whether the virus was circulating in the province, sent the suspects had any epidemiological link, whether they had traveled to Buenos Aires or had contact with people who had traveled.
                Now, however, they were not making shows for all persons with symptoms, only to suffer a severe disease, like pneumonia, which requires them to stay committed.
                Thus, it is assumed that the percentage of deaths among infected and analyzes data that is sent from Entre Rios will be higher, because fewer samples are taken. "This indicates that no increase in deaths from influenza A, or growing in number of deaths among those infected," explained a sheet to this specialist area of Health of the province.
                The reduction in the shipment of samples were produced, as Giano, on the recommendation of the Malbr?n that "prioritizes cases that are serious in therapy across the country, after reporting on deaths and then samples of suspected cases and believe that they are not going to do more. No more cases are recorded at the request of themselves. "
                Thus, the rhythm analysis results that are sent to the province is very slow, two or three per week. "We used to have to have our own laboratory, hasten the decision to allow this type of analysis," the minister said, confirming that unlock the 70 thousand dollars for imminent investment. "What we should be operational in August," he said.
                Meanwhile, Health Secretary, Paul Basso, LT14 explained yesterday that "there are difficulties and lengthy delays in receiving the results delivered by the institute Malbr?n, referring to samples taken in Entre Rios of suspected cases Influenza A ".
                Basso said that "makes no sense given the number of infected that are currently contained between 60 and 70, were suspended because the samples that are sent to the Institute Malbr?n. Therefore, he stressed that the figures "are not updated as it would have delays of up to 30 days in the arrival of the test results to the province."
                The officer on Wednesday chaired a meeting with directors of public hospitals in the province, in the hall of the General Council of Education. The meeting was conducted epidemiological analysis in the province and were instructed to hospital managers on the operation of the recently signed agreement stating that the IOSPER pay for services at public hospitals as well as private schools.


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                  Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios



                  24 July 2009

                  Black River: 96 cases, 5 deaths
                  The Ministry of Health yesterday received notification of two positive cases of Influenza A (H1N1), so that people who contracted the disease in Rio Black added 96, while the samples that gave negative results remain at 19. Five dead.

                  The new positive samples are officially reported a deceased person and another in Cipolletti since recovered, General Roca. Meanwhile, a person with a diagnosis of infection that had passed the appropriate medical treatment, died after being discharged.

                  This will register the death of five persons residing in the province (four seen at Black River and one in Neuqu?n) which had also been diagnosed with Influenza A (H1N1). On Friday, 560 suspected cases are accounted for since the launch of the health warning, of which 403 are pending laboratory results.


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                    Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


                    Google translation:

                    Posted by dm Tuesday, July 28, 2009 09:02
                    Seven confirmed deaths from Influenza A

                    Paul Basso, Secretary of Health of Entre R?os
                    Health Secretary of Entre R?os, Pablo Basso confirmed that two more people died in the last hours in Entre Rios, so the number of people killed by the influenza A (H1N1) has risen to seven.

                    The official told Radio La Voz that data that came with the confirmations provided by the Institute Malbran determine that two more people died in the last few hours, but beyond that estimated the number of people killed in the province could grow segir.

                    Still, Basso said that "fear in the population is real, but it must be said that in Entre Rios, are taking all necessary measures to ensure that the impact of the pandemic is not as important as in other provinces."

                    Health Secretary noted that "parallel with the operational work against influenza A, are coordinating actions for the resumption of classes is as normal as possible."

                    "Our idea is that any student, teacher and employee of establishments that have flu symptoms, not directly assist the schools," referencing to clarify that "at meetings that are being implemented with the principals and teachers is to control the most protocols in schools, school canteens or administrative areas for which you can easily continue to monitor the situation. "

                    Later, the officer confirmed that "in Entre Rios dropped the number of consultations, as well as the self of the population with respect to the common flu, or A". (Source Voice)


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                      Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


                      Suman AND EIGHT DEAD IN THE RIVER BETWEEN (Entre Rios) THE INFLUENZA A
                      Paran?, 28 JUL (APF.Digital) Current Date: 28/07/2009 18:10:01

                      - The Secretary of Health of the province, Paul Basso told APF today confirmed that four other deaths were caused by influenza A ? There are three persons of Paran? (two men who were interned in a hospital and Saint Martin woman who attended the Sanatorio River) and a man of Gualeguaych? ? All four belonged to risk groups and were killed between late June and early July ? In this way, and added eight deaths from Influenza A in the province.


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                        Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


                        2009-07-29 | Country
                        Confirmed four other deaths by influenza A and will join eight in Entre Rios

                        by www.diarioelargentin

                        Health Secretary of the province, Paul Basso confirmed four other deaths were due to influenza A.

                        These are three of Parana, two men who were interned at the Hospital Saint Martin and a woman who attended the Sanatorio River, and a man of Gualeguaych?. All died between late June and early July, and belonged to groups at risk, as they had other diseases. According explained one of the men suffering from tuberculosis, one of them a base of respiratory disease, while women Paran? "had a severe smoking. In this way, and added eight deaths from influenza A in the territory entrerriano, although their deaths appear to other pathologies.
                        "We are adding a total of eight now. Today confirmed four cases of death by influenza A, "said Basso, and noted that three of them are patients of Paran?: two men of 61 and 65 years who died in the Hospital San Mart?n, and a woman aged 36 who died in the Sanatorio River. The fourth case is a man of 56 years, a native of Gualeguaych?, which was later moved to Columbus. The secretary said that these people were within the risk groups, as they had other diseases. According to details, one of the men suffering from tuberculosis, one of them a base of respiratory disease, while women Paran? "had a severe smoking. With regard to age, said that except the woman of 36 years, these cases "are outside the groups that we had planned as risk, including those between 15 and 45 years." In this regard, it believed that this "may have nothing more to do with the resolution of critical patients, which is surely lower than that in Capital Federal, which is at the head." Asked about the possibility to join the list of deaths from influenza, said: "There is still a certain number. In a first instance we had a number of deaths, and now, doing an assessment, a follow-up in each place where serious allegations, including that there are other cases of deaths. So we will await the results. Spend some time close to that statistically the episode. "
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                          Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


                          General Interest: PANDEMIC. Radiograph of the disease: there are 277 cases under study, and 177 confirmed
                          Are eleven and killed by the influenza A
                          View image

                          In the province are 23,100 people who are medicated with the antiviral oseltamivir. 11 are dead, and there are 19 cases in the study died from acute respiratory infection.

                          | Ricardo Leguizam?n

                          Entre Rios counted as of yesterday 33,100 cases of influenza-like pneumonia, according to the notification sent by the 17 departments of health, of which 277 are located in the "with specific file, is that the samples have been sent to the Institute Malbr?n of Buenos Aires for study, of whom 177 were confirmed.
                          The diagnosis is based on data up until yesterday to handle the situation room of the Ministry of Health, and is the first statistical map is known in public, and allows development dimensions that had the pandemic influenza in Province, from April 30.
                          Although not all cases of influenza are influenza type A, as clarified by the Director of Epidemiology, Silvina Saavedra. Although the 33,100 reported cases, 23,100 are under treatment with the antiviral oseltamivir.
                          Three departments account for 47% of all cases of influenza in Entre Rios: Paran?, Gualeguaych? and Federation, in that order, with the highest number of patients. While the rest doubles Paran?, 8564 cases (25.87%).

                          Statistical reports. Officially, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare failed to inform the development of the pandemic on its website, the 15 last, when the number of suspects was 184 cases, 47 confirmed and only one person had died.
                          Now, however, the data account for 277 suspected cases being confirmed; 177 confirmed dead and 11 more in 19 other study at the Institute Malbr?n. And reach 33,100 cases of influenza type, although the number could be higher because there are certain gaps in the notifications, as he explained that the owner of Epidemiology.
                          "The departments with the largest number of people, such as Paran?, concentrate the greatest number of cases. Also Gualeguaych?, which has a very good reporting system, "he added.
                          Similarly, in August the situation is far from Entre R?os who lived during the month of July, the peak of the pandemic influenza, said the official. Saavedra said that "the level of consultation has been parked, when compared with the situation before the emergency, when" there were many cases and great placement. " In this regard, that "now is being sent far fewer samples per week and are patient."
                          The official diagnosis reflects a sharp decline in the number of consultations and notifications of probable cases of influenza A. However, Saavedra said that "maintaining vigilance" to prevent a possible outbreak.

                          ALERT WHO. Across the country, according to the last part of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, gives an account of some 700 thousand infected, and 337 deaths from the virus, which places Argentina in second place after the United States, where There were 353 deaths reported so far to July 31.
                          Health Minister John Mansour, assessed that of the nearly 700 thousand patients with influenza-like illness, "about 90% of these patients have H1N1." He added: "We have noticed a decrease in the number of consultations and the number of cases. However, the health system remains on alert, is working primarily in the prevention and detection of new cases. "
                          If this projection is moved to Entre Rios, one could assert that 33,100 cases of influenza-like, 29,790 (90% as estimated by Minister Mansour) correspond to Influenza A.

                          The data

                          19 is the patch number of deaths by acute respiratory infection that is being studied at the Institute Malbr?n so as to establish whether the death was Influenza A. So far in the pandemic, have been officially reported 11 deaths from this disease, as confirmed to the Daily Health Secretary, Paul Basso.


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                            Re: Suspect/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Entre Rios


                            FLU A: There are no confirmed nine (new?) deaths in ENTRE RIOS
                            Director of Epidemiology Silvina Saavedra reported that as of noon today, 199 cases are reported confirmed influenza A, 40 dropped (discarded) and 12 deaths in Entre Rios.

                            "We in surveillance," he said, because "cases will still occur but not as great as were the months of June and July.

                            Although "certain results arrived" this morning, Saavedra told FPA that has not changed the state of affairs with respect to influenza A in Entre Rios.
                            "The new data" are 15 positive and 7 negative cases dismissed, but no dead, "he said.

                            With these numbers, the total in the province until noon today is 199 cases of laboratory confirmed positive, 40 negative cases dropped to 12 deaths due to influenza A (H1N1), the official said.

                            In this regard, he clarified that the results arrived today "are the month of July." And said: "We continue monitoring; cases will still occur but not as great as were the months of June and July.

                            Also, lastly, the Director recalled that "now only shows they are taken to hospitalized pneumonia, which have fallen a lot."