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2nd/3rd A/H1N1 deaths (suspect/confirmed) reported in Corrientes--now 11

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  • 2nd/3rd A/H1N1 deaths (suspect/confirmed) reported in Corrientes--now 11


    Three suspects are killed by influenza A in Corrientes
    Posted on 01/07/2009

    Two more deaths have occurred in this case in the city of Paso de los Libres, a patient would be more than 60 years and a minor.

    There is alarm among the neighbors, although health authorities denied that the deaths are due to the pandemic.

    Similarly it is known that samples were sent to both the Institute Malbr?n.

    Dr. Juan Antonio Legarreta said that the two samples were sent, but so far we must be careful when talking about two new deaths.

    However, the professional recognizes that at least one of two victims had symptoms very similar to an epidemic which caused death in our province and caused firm throughout.
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    Re: 2nd/3rd A/H1N1 deaths (suspect) reported in Corrientes

    This is about the 1st death in Corrientes but mentions a rumored 2nd death that was denied...


    Victim of fatal influenza in the province
    The Influenza A virus claimed its first life in Corrientes
    A man of 61 years, who died in hospital Vidal on June 20. Are 141 suspected cases, of which 9 were confirmed. Public Health denied that there is another death in Paso de los Libres.
    Officially, it was confirmed yesterday that the virus of H1N1 Influenza A caused death to a citizen correntino of 61 years, who thus became the first died of disease in the province, it was announced yesterday by Minister of Public Health, Adolph Schneider.
    After the arrival of new sample results from the Institute "Dr. Carlos Malbr?n of Buenos Aires, is also reported, which amounts to 9 the number of infected influenza throughout the province, a figure that would rise when new parties make themselves known because they are 141 suspected cases awaiting confirm or discard.
    Respect of the deceased were informed that this is a man of 61 years, who died last June 20, ie 11 days ago in the intensive care service at the Hospital Jos? Ram?n Vidal.
    The deceased had at the time of contracting the disease in other serious health complications such as diabetes, heart disease and a localized infection in one hip.
    The minister informed that when giving information, it was not new results. While the remaining patients, whose confirmation arrived yesterday, are stabilized in services of varying complexity Hospital Jos? Ram?n Vidal, Juan Pablo II "and" Angela Church of Llano.
    Furthermore, it was learned that patients are suspected and confirmed in other public and private interior provincial, more specifically in the towns of Santo Tom?, Curuz? Cuati? and Paso de los Libres.

    Free suspicious death
    Speaking to The Republic, Schneider also denied a rumor that a strong female person of 50 years, have died of the disease in the city of Paso de los Libres.
    A woman who came to Buenos Aires from Open, was in intensive care, and on which there was suspicion that he was suffering from influenza A, died at noon yesterday at a private clinic. According to sources, the lady she had a picture of acute pneumonia, but also coincided with symptoms of influenza A, but by the time the diagnosis was not confirmed, or at least not officially.
    In that sense, Schneider said: "I am the first to deny any killing by influenza A H1N1 in the province, except the person who died on June 20 Vidal hospital in the capital and who today ( yesterday) was obtained from the results Malbr?n, "he said.
    The head of the Health urged people to take the necessary, but not to panic over the situation. "Every year there are many deaths from respiratory diseases that have nothing to do precisely with this new virus, so it is absolutely reprehensible to give a diagnosis without having the results," he added.
    In response, Schneider confirmed that for the moment, "the deceased is only given 11 days ago in Vidal.


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      Re: 2nd/3rd A/H1N1 deaths (suspect) reported in Corrientes


      Google translation:


      INTERIOR 2009-07-01 - Two people died from influenza A in Corrientes, the first in the province, as confirmed by the Director of Programs, Ministry of Health of Corrientes, Juan Antonio Pascual.

      This is a man of 61 years, who died in the capital and a woman of 47 years in the border town of Paso de los Libres, Pascual said in a conversation with Telam.

      The professional said that two people were confirmed suffering from the H1N1 influenza virus and that "the diagnosis was confirmed with the analysis."

      Besides the cases confirmed by the Ministry of Health of the province are 9 and 130 suspected of having the virus, the minister said Adolph Schneider.

      Pascual, also announced that the Committee approach ready to fight the extreme measures of disease control and prevention.

      He reiterated that the schools remain closed for a month and avoid cultural and sporting activities to eliminate clusters of people.

      The official also noted that increased demand for consultations and that the Llano hospital is designated for the treatment of respiratory diseases, three trucks were added to health capital works in three hospitals.


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        Re: 2nd/3rd A/H1N1 deaths (suspect/confirmed) reported in Corrientes--now 11


        Sum 11 and the dead
        Two new deaths from Influenza A in Corrientes

        Two new deaths from influenza A were reported in the province of Corrientes, confirmed the minister of Health of that province, Adolph Schneider. With these new cases, will join the 11 who died.

        Minister of Health of the Province of Corrientes, Adolf Schneider, made the decision to report in line with confirmations of cases of Influenza A (H1N1) emerged from the Institute "Dr. Carlos Malbr?n, other positive test results from laboratories that are entitled to exercise, so following the approach of the official flows recorded until 2 died from the pandemic to add another 10 confirmed for disease.

        Based on the data sent to the province by the Institute Malbr?n national reference laboratory-confirmed cases are 11 so far in Corrientes, one corresponding to a man of 61 years died on June 20 this year in the Intensive Therapy Service of the Hospital Jos? Ram?n Vidal.

        While, another death from influenza A (H1N1) was confirmed in the territory correntino by the clinical analysis laboratory MANLAB of Buenos Aires, which corresponds to a woman between 42 and 45 years who died in the town of Paso de los Libres days ago.

        "We must be aware that the disease is progressing every day and that, beyond the determinations of the laboratory, from hospitals of Public Health offer antiviral treatment to each patient considered suspicious, as if it were positive, taking into account the time evolution of the table and delay response of the national reference laboratory, "the minister explained Schneider.