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Additional deaths reported in South America

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  • Additional deaths reported in South America

    In Ironorehopper's thread that posts the daily count of new and total fatalities by the ECDC, the following was reported in today's edition.

    Brazil 160 ? 1528
    Chile 8 ? 148
    Colombia 9 ? 160

    I'm not sure that these are new deaths or cases from the summer that have recently been confirmed. I haven't seen any media reports of new outbreaks in South America; however, such reports could get lost in all the reports in the Northern Hemisphere.

    I would imagine that it's important to know if there is another wave in the Southern Hemisphere.
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    Re: Additional deaths reported in South America Weeks 50 & 51

    Argentina 617.........1
    Brazil 1,632
    Chile 150
    Paraguay 46
    Uruguay 20
    Bolivia 59...............1
    Colombia 196..........6
    Ecuador 96
    Peru 208...............3
    Venezuela 116

    Most of these countries reported widespread influenza activity in EW 50 and 51. Acute respiratory disease trends were reported as decreasing, except in Peru, which reported an increasing trend in EW 50, but a decreasing trend in EW 51. The intensity of acute respiratory disease and the impact of acute respiratory disease on health-care services were reported as low or moderate for these countries.
    In Peru, nationally, the peak of SARI was in EW 28, and since EW 34 there has been a consistently decreasing trend.
    Southern Cone
    Influenza activity was reported as widespread in Argentina (EW 48) and regional in Brazil (EW 50, 51). These countries reported continued decreasing trends of acute respiratory disease, low/moderate intensity of acute respiratory disease, and low or moderate impact of acute respiratory disease on health-care services.
    In EW 48, Argentina reported decreasing ILI activity in 15 of 20 regions (information was not available for three regions). The incidence of ILI continued to be low (7 per 100,000 habitants) and has been below the epidemic threshold since EW 40"


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      Re: Additional deaths reported in South America

      As of Jan15, 2010:


      Chile.... 153............3


      Costa Rica..47.........9