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Alarming situation in which lies the state of Anzoategui for filing 3212 cases of pneumonia the last week of 2011

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  • Alarming situation in which lies the state of Anzoategui for filing 3212 cases of pneumonia the last week of 2011
    Spanish-English translation

    Overcrowding and poor diet can cause pneumonia
    01/14/2012 5:50 a.m. The pulmonologist Numan Galindo urged people to visit the doctor when you have fever, cough or difficulty breathing because of pneumonia can be confused with flu

    Salazar Doryel Moya

    Patients should see their doctors for treatment

    Puerto La Cruz .- Given the alarming situation in which lies the state of Anzoategui for filing 3212 cases of pneumonia the last week of 2011, the pulmonologist Numan Galindo explained that several factors influence the development of this infection pulmonary ventilation. In addition to climate change, the specialist said that poor nutrition and overcrowding can be synonymous with risk for contracting pneumonia. He argued that in those houses where the number of inhabitants is more than eight people, there is greater chance of developing this infection. Also malnourished children, immunosuppressed patients and those over 60 years are groups at risk of this disease or some other infectious conditions. He said that one of the problems of child malnutrition could relate to how difficult it is to get milk, a product that appears intermittently. It also includes protein balance, especially in the population between 6 and 7.

    Pneumonia, and acute respiratory be confused with the flu. The symptoms are high fever, cough, and dyspnea, so patients are advised to go to the clinic for evaluation by medical specialists, so that you practice a full hematology and chest radiography. Avoid self-medication.

    Galindo said there is a range of antibiotics depending on the severity of the infection, you can medicate to control the disease, which can even cause death if not treated properly. But he said that the area does not want to alarm Anzo?tegui that is at risk, but is awaiting to be treated respiratory infections, as they also have other viruses such as mycoplasma and bronchitis, which should be treated.

    Time care
    clinic director Jesus of Nazareth municipal, Elissanny Sanchez in December reported that only 577 cases were treated in lower and upper respiratory illnesses such as pharyngitis, bronchiolitis, asthma, upper respiratory tract infection and pneumonia. Of the latter were 19.
    The cumulative 2011 stood at 10,835 cases of respiratory illness, of which 1129 were from pneumonia. He added that most patients who had infections were less than 5 years. In the case of hospital Guaraguao Cesar Rodriguez, Deputy Director Marielba Garc?a stated that in 2011 there were some cases of pneumonia but without rebound. He explained that usually reported cases of upper respiratory infections in infants and school-age children, but all have been treated. This week, the regional epidemiologist Yudith Martinez explained that maintain the health siege in Anzoategui State. He noted that they have the vaccination dose and only waiting for the immunization of the new strain antiinfluenza 2012.