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In the Puno region 56 children died with pneumonia
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27 NOVEMBER 2012 | PUNO -
The unwelcome attention to assist children under five who have respiratory problems in the health centers in the region, remains the leading cause of death from pneumonia in the current year increased by 14% over the same date of 2011, the report epidemiological Puno Regional Health.
A few weeks after the end of this year, 56 children died because of pneumonia in the region, 48 of these deaths occurred outside the hospital, that is because they did not receive timely medical treatment, said the head of the DIRESA, Jos? Irigoyen Arbieto, specifying that 2011 48 deaths were reported.
The largest number of deaths occurred in the province of San Rom?n with 29 cases, 10 in Az?ngaro and other 6 in Carabaya, becoming the most critical areas.
"There are jurisdictions in which people refuse to go to health centers and opt for self-medication" and rebuked the holder DIRESA to mention that it plays an intervention plan in coordination with health professionals.