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Puno: 24 raises the number of deaths from pneumonia in children under 5 years.
Posted on Tuesday June 19, 2012 at 07:55

According to recent statistics from the Regional Health Directorate of Puno, to date 42,462 reported cases of respiratory diseases, of which 653 were pneumonia in children under five years. Jos? Irigoyen Arbieto, Regional Director of Health, reported also rose to 24 the number of deaths in consequence of the low temperatures recorded in the department of Puno, of whom 21 were extra-hospital and 3 intra hospital. said that this figure increased significantly on previous years, despite strengthened the work being done in the most vulnerable. Finally, adding that the vaccination against respiratory diseases, to date has an advance of 30%, however noted that not cover 100% of the target population because the data from national statistical computing are inflated.