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Community mourns the passing of personero G?epsa

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  • Community mourns the passing of personero G?epsa
    Spanish-English translation

    Tuesday February 21, 2012 - 12:01 AM
    Community mourns the passing of personero G?epsa

    Carlos Hernandez

    G?epsa community is appalled by the death of Agapito Carlos Hernandez, who due to pneumonia had been forced to make a cease their activities.

    "Although he felt a little sick decided to work until his health prevented it," were the words of Mayor Osmar Arias, referring to the death of Representative.

    The lawyer for 26 years was about to leave office as most ombudsmen in the country, but because the disease was hospitalized in Socorro and later taken to a medical center in Bucaramanga where the official death occurred, as indicated his fellow workers in the municipal office.

    The young officer, unmarried and without children, it leaves a great void in the community as it is remembered among the inhabitants of the village as an attentive, cooperative and a great sense of social service.

    "Carlos was a great person, a great teammate and a great friend, it is unfortunate that someone so young has abandoned us when just beginning to live" were the words of Mercy Olarte, co-worker.

    It is worth remembering that Simon Morales, recently was elected Personero and will take office as of March 31 as provided by law, while the council of this municipality will determine who meets these functions to ensure service in the personality.

    The funeral of the ombudsman was performed with a massive turnout in yesterday afternoon.