En un 18 por ciento aumentaron las consultas respiratorias de los mayores de 65 años esta semana y se espera que la cifra siga creciendo durante los próximos quince ...

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Consultations for respiratory infections increased in older people by 18% this week
Tuesday July 5, 2011 | 18:00

> Health Responds increased their calls for consultations among respiratory health alert
> Respiratory syncytial virus reaches its peak with a total of 900 hospitalizations per week
> Pi?era President and Minister Bond launch Ma?alich Respiratory Medical Consultation
In a 18 percent increased respiratory consultations over 65 years this week and expects that figure continues to grow over the next fortnight.
Although the number of queries syncytial virus in children under one year and stabilized, the older adults for respiratory illness increased by 18 percent this week, and the numbers continue to rise fortnight.
For people over 65 years, the syncytial not the only problem, but also affects the adenovirus and influenza A, B and human, by what authority reiterated the call for vaccination.
The Health Minister, Jaime Ma?alich said that as cases increase the conversion will be evaluated beds, which are now mostly pediatric.

The coordinator of Health Responds, Alexandra Sutherland, reported that since health alert was declared, 64 percent of the calls is from respiratory diseases, which a month exceed 500 thousand.

Compared to last year due to respiratory questions increased by 54 percent.
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