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It grows 67 percent syncytial virus hospitalization in Santiago

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  • It grows 67 percent syncytial virus hospitalization in Santiago
    Spanish to English translation
    Published: June 4, 2011 2:40

    It grows 67 percent syncytial virus hospitalization in Santiago

    SANTIAGO DE CHILE (Notimex) .- The hospitalizations of children affected by respiratory syncytial virus grew 67 percent in the capital of Chile in May this year, for the same period in 2010, the Ministry of Health.

    The unit reported that hospitalizations reach 500 children, while in May 2010 the number stood at 300 children hospitalized in the metropolitan area.

    A similar situation was recorded in the emergency care, which increased 33 percent, with about nine thousand weekly attention in infants from respiratory causes, compared with nearly six thousand are produced each week last year.

    In the country, of all hospital emergency visits, 29 percent are due to respiratory diseases and 48 percent of them are children.

    RSV is the most common germ that causes infections in the lungs and airways in young children.

    In Primary Care Services (SAPU) of the country, 49 percent of respiratory care and corresponds to 68 percent of the patients are children, the report said ministry.

    In addition, the total consultations in health centers, 90 percent of the patients are children under one year.

    The increase in cases responding to the advancement of syncytial virus outbreak, which has no vaccine, and can generate acute exacerbations in infants under one year, forcing his hospitalization.

    Health Minister, Jaime Ma?alich, reported that rates are similar to those recorded in the same period, while human influenza pandemic of 2009, and that the 'peak' syncytial virus is expected for the next two weeks.

    Respiratory conditions associated with high levels of environmental pollution, which has obliged to order the third year environmental preemergence in the Chilean capital.

    Preemergence includes restrictions on the movement of vehicles, the suspension of 841 industrial stationary sources throughout the province of Santiago, and the ban on lighting all types of heating with wood or biomass in the entire metropolitan area.

    The authorities also advised people to refrain from outdoor sports activities.