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Bolivian children will be immunized against pneumococcal disease from 2012

La Paz, Dec 5 (Prensa Latina) The national head of the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) of the Ministry of Health of Bolivia, Ren? Lenis, today announced the implementation in 2012 of a vaccine against pneumococcus, causes pneumonia in children under five years. The vaccine against this virus, in addition to pneumonia, meningitis and otitis also produces, among other diseases, will be incorporated into the national immunization schedule from the second half of 2012, said the manager of EPI press. In the world This bacteria causes about 825 000 deaths annually in children under five years, mostly in developing countries. The leader of PAI recalled that in 2008 he joined the Rotavirus vaccine, a germ that causes diarrhea in children under two years of age and can cause death. In 2011 Added inoculation against influenza, which is already in the regular system, and by 2012 will incorporate the pneumococcal dose, he added. The official said the State Plurinational invests in the acquisition of vaccines, at least 60 million bolivianos (about nine million dollars), with funds from the General Treasury of the Nation. Lenis said that regular vaccination scheme was modified in order to treat Most people, to prevent various diseases. With the addition of new EPI vaccines is no longer a program only for children but for the whole family, as the new vaccination schedule, aimed mostly for children, also includes adolescents and older adults, sustained. rmh / abm