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Serious Respiratory Symptoms Appearing (A H3N2)

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  • Serious Respiratory Symptoms Appearing (A H3N2)

    Serious Respiratory Symptoms Appearing (A H3N2)
    This year, a vaccination campaign against influenza A H1N1 that was aimed at the groups most at risk populations such as children, pregnant women and patients with chronic diseases, among others.

    With only days until summer begins in Corrientes hospitals symptoms following respiratory symptoms appearing, some of them serious. As explained from the Epidemiology of the Province, in the virus is circulating a family of Influenza A H1N1, although not as dangerous, can have complications if not treated.
    Influenza A H3N2 has symptoms similar to those of any flu symptoms and to avoid resulting in a case of pneumonia, you should consult your doctor and follow the prescribed treatment. People who have been vaccinated this year against influenza A can also get it, as this strain was not included in the immunization.Director of Epidemiology, Ministry of Public Health, Corrientes, Natalia Montiel, said yesterday during a radio interview that the majority of respiratory cases being watched at this time under the strain H3N2. "It is a variant of the influenza group A, but has no effect had the H1N1 pandemic that we experienced last year," he said.
    Although the symptoms are similar to those of any influenza, this variant can be aggravated if not appropriately contained. "It has characteristics similar to seasonal influenza respiratory symptoms but can have a complication of pneumonic character," said the official.
    To prevent the deterioration of the paintings, Montiel recommended not lowering the arms in prevention. "We must be alert to respiratory complications associated with fever in order to take appropriate measures and make appropriate treatment," the responsibility of Epidemiology, who recommended just make the medical symptoms are detected.
    The H3N2 is presented with high fever, chills, and in some cases, already present with complications, there are difficulties in breathing.
    Montiel said that although this year immunization campaigns were conducted, the H1N1 vaccine can prevent some types of influenza but does not prevent the patient can get other minor variables. As for the people most likely to suffer complications, the official explained are the children and the elderly, and often have diminished defenses.