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Girl died from hemorrhagic pneumonia - possible Legionella

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  • Girl died from hemorrhagic pneumonia - possible Legionella
    Spanish-English translation

    Hemorrhagic pneumonia, the disease that affected the daughter Pampita

    The disease that killed White Vicu?a is not easy to diagnose

    Hemorrhagic pneumonia, the disease that killed White Vicu?a, the daughter of Pampita Ardohain, not easy to discover by physicians.

    It is a spongy tissue inflammation of the lungs usually produced by bacteria and which generates a bleeding organ.

    Such bleeding can be externalized through the removal of blood or sputum through the accumulation in the tissue lining the lungs.

    However, sometimes bleeding in the lungs has no external symptoms and may form a hematoma within the body that can only be seen through a chest x-ray or CT.

    In such cases it may also be concluded that it is a hemorrhagic pneumonia fatcores other, such as anemia, hyperbilirubinemia (generated by the destruction of red blood cells) and the consumption of blood platelets. In fact, in the case of White Vicu?a were requested platelet donors.

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    Re: Hemorrhagic pneumonia, the disease that affected the daughter Pampita
    Spanish-English translation


    A hemorrhagic pneumonia was the cause of death of White Vicu?a

    It is an infection caused by a bacterium that affects the lungs and can lead to bleeding of internal organs. Resistance to antibiotics and treatments.

    By Enrique Garabetyan

    09/09/12 - 02:33

    Lost. White was the eldest daughter of Pampita and Benjamin, born in May 2006. She was hospitalized in intensive care for nine days at the Clinica Las Condes, Santiago, Chile fighting a bacterial infection that affected her lungs.

    After spending nine days hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the clinic Las Condes, Santiago, Chile, Blanca, the young daughter of Pampita Ardohain and Chilean actor Benjam?n Vicu?a, died just six years. Although there was a medical officer, learned that the girl had suffered a hemorrhagic pneumonia caused by co-infection of two bacteria.

    But what is this disease? And why could not avoid the complications? PROFILE spoke with infectious disease and pediatricians about the disease and its treatments. According to experts, there are two major pediatric causes that can lead to pneumonia results in death of a child, or it is a rare bacteria resistant to most antibiotics, or is there some underlying disease (eg, leukemia) that may have been previously diagnosed or not.

    "Pneumonia can start with a bacterial pneumonia, which is relatively common. And while there are strains of this bacterium are more aggressive than others, in Argentina and Chile is unusual species that are resistant to the action of antibiotics, something that is starting to look itself in the United States, "he told PROFILE Jorge San Juan, infectious disease expert from the Hospital Mu?iz.

    If it is a pneumonia caused by bacteria "community acquired" (ie, non-hospital) antibiotics are able to deal with the most common pathogens. However, they can not achieve their effect, the patient's condition worsens and left lung to oxygenate the blood properly. In these cases, doctors may use a team of mechanical ventilation, which carries a coma inducing drug for the patient is sedated. There are situations where this option is not sufficient and must rely on cardiopulmonary bypass (ECMO, for its acronym in English) to achieve proper oxygenation. "But these resources are not harmless aggressive and can open the door to another infection, nosocomial calls, generated by some other bacteria. This also justifies adding new broad-spectrum antibiotics, "said San Juan.

    Possible complications may arise platelets, a decrease in concentration of platelets, which are involved in blood clotting. This condition facilitates internal bleeding in various organs, a situation that is very serious and can lead to death of the patient. Among the possible causes hemorrhagic pneumonia is directly derived from the action of bacterial colonies in the lung tissue and aggression of their toxins.

    It is usual that physicians inquire if the person is vaccinated against pneumococcus, but equally there are some situations where anyway the infection runs its course. Another important point is that doctors know the patient's history, because it is not the same as being healthy immunosuppressed for any preexisting condition, which could worsen the prognosis. "While having compromised immune system is more common in adults than in children," concluded John.


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      Re: Hemorrhagic pneumonia, the disease that affected the daughter Pampita
      Spanish-English translation

      She died at noon yesterday
      afternoon to bury White, the daughter of Benjamin Vicu?a and Ardohain Pampita
      09.09.2012 | 15:48 The small, 6 years old, died after being hospitalized for nine days. Family and friends dismissed his remains at the school where she studied the Chilean actor. At 14 they said mass in the Sacred Hearts of Manquehue school.

      Pampita daughter died (Paul Layus Report).

      This afternoon, the funeral will take place from White Vicu?a, the eldest daughter of Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain and Vicu?a Benjam?n. At 14 they said mass in the Sacred Hearts of Manquehue school, where he was the little evening six years. From 18:30 on Saturday, the daughter of Benjamin Vicu?a and Ardohain Pampita being evening at Sacred Hearts School Manquehue, Santiago de Chile, said Paul Layus, Intrusion envoy. The venue, which has a church and chapel own , was where Benjamin Vicu?a, the father of the little dead, he studied. Blanca, the little girl of six years of the model Carolina Ardohain Pampas and Chilean actor Benjam?n Vicu?a, died yesterday afternoon after nine days in a hospital Santiago de Chile. According to sources cited by Las Condes Clinic various Chilean media, the death of the child occurred at 11.45 (time Argentina) by hemorrhagic pneumonia, after the picture is complicated in Friday night with stroke. For that reason had to be operated and was waited until dawn in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of that capital trasandina clinic. Blanca latter bore no complications and died nine days after being admitted, without having confirmed the reason for her condition, which at first was linked to a bacterium acquired on a recent trip to Mexico. In that sense, unofficially, had emerged that the return of the Riviera Maya, in Cancun last August 31 presented lower a fever and difficulty breathing. Their parents took her immediately to hospital, where she was treated and derived his home, but the day after his condition worsened and she was admitted to ICU Chilean clinic. Against this background and in the following days, multiplied the messages of support and expressions of affection for family Vicu?a, which was visited by family and friends to pray for the health of White, who had received that name in honor of Benjamin's grandmother. Regardless contact the press, even through an official statement from the hospital, Vicu?a Pampita-parents and two other small, Baptist (4 years) and Beltran (who now has three months of life) - spoke only through their official Twitter accounts in the last hours. La Pampa had requested blood and platelet donors, before longer causes stroke, while the actor was more succinct trasandino and just tweeted "I believe in God." Amid signs of pain, different personalities of the show came to give their support to the couple. Among those present watched actors and Juana Viale Gonzalo Valenzuela, former soccer player Ivan Zamorano and former Rep. the model, Pancho Dotto. "Pampita Benjamin is very wrong and is taking care of the situation as a parent. containing it is her," said Dotto told Radio 10. Communiqu? family -Ardohain Marriage Vicu?a sent a statement to thank all displays of affection in the most painful moment of the family. "We appreciate the love and support for White, it was surrounded by love and light.'ll live our pain in the privacy of the family, friends and the energy we have sent hundreds of people. Infinite thanks. "


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        Re: Hemorrhagic pneumonia, the disease that affected the daughter Pampita
        Spanish-English translation

        Shock at the death of the daughter of Pampita and Vicu?a
        White, age 6, had nine days hospitalized in Santiago, having contracted a bacteria in Mexico

        Vicu?a and Pampita, yesterday afternoon, to get the wake of his daughter. Picture: The Mercury / GDA
        More notes to understand this topic
        Respiratory infections, a latent threat in childhood

        "We appreciate the love and support for White, it was surrounded by love and light.'ll Live our pain in the privacy of the family, friends and the energy that we have sent hundreds of people. Infinite thanks." So, in a statement, Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain and Vicu?a Chilean actor Benjam?n thanked the endless messages of support yesterday took a clean sweep social networks. Everyone touched by the worst news he could get from Santiago, Chile: the confirmation of the death of his daughter.

        White Vicu?a, six years, died yesterday morning following a hemorrhagic pneumonia caused multisystem failure after being hospitalized for nine days in the clinic Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.La information was confirmed by the NATION authorities sanatorium, where little was treated.

        White had admitted on Thursday 30 August in the intensive care unit of the clinic trasandina, just few days after a family holiday on the beaches of the Riviera Maya, Mexico. The rumors about his health were unclear, but it appeared that the situation was serious. Last Thursday, Twitter Pampita requested by donating blood to his daughter: "You need CLC platelet donor. Come breakfasted from 9 am. Thank you," he wrote. Hours later, another message arrived from the model: "Daughter, you are sending all our love! Already many who do not know you joined us and we are praying for you. Blanca Force!"

        According to early rumors, it was a controversial strange bacteria that had lodged in the body of White during the trip to Mexico. But never met a medical officer at the clinic to find out what was the precise diagnosis of small, despite the efforts of the media to get details of the situation.

        One of the unofficial versions was released publicly by Mirtha Legrand, mother of Gonzalo Valenzuela, the best friend of Benjamin Vicu?a. The diva said that there were two bacteria, and that they should "give the antibiotic to combat them."

        The day before yesterday, after suffering a stroke and due to its complicated condition, the eldest daughter of the couple had to be operated on urgently. He had also been on dialysis, you were providing vasoactive drugs and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation system (GOS) oxygenated blood.

        According to reports, the family is contained by his inner circle. During hospitalization in White, model and actor received the unconditional support of family and friends, including actor Gonzalo Valenzuela, very close to the couple. Also, Chilean government officials yesterday expressed their support, as Culture Minister Luciano Cruz Coke actor, who came to the clinic and left without comment.

        In addition, countless messages of support from celebrities and public, via Twitter, from Buenos Aires, the model's manager, Francisco "Pancho" Dotto, yesterday took a flight to Chile to accompany Pampita.


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          Re: Hemorrhagic pneumonia, the disease that affected the daughter Pampita

          Spanish-English translation

          September 5, 2012 - 17:17 September , 2012 - 17:17
          Two bacteria affect Pampita daughter and Vicu?a

          He said Mirtha Legrand, direct arrival the couple. "They have to give the antibiotic," said the diva.with the antibiotic, "said the diva.

          Two bacteria would be affecting the health of White Vicu?a . This was confirmed by Mirtha Legrand , who spoke to Gonzalo Valenzuela , granddaughter partner and friend of the girl's parents, Benjam?n Vicu?a and Ardohain Pampita , who traveled to Chile to be next to of
          "Gonzalo said seems to me noticed a small improvement, but it is delicate, very delicate.'s Two bacteria and have to give the antibiotic to fight," he said in remarks to the diva "Intruders".
          "It is an extreme situation for them," added the star of "The Owner", where he shared with Vicu?a cast.
          Vicu?a White suffers life-threatening box on the remains hospitalized since last Saturday clinic Las Condes, Chile.
          The doctors who decided to attend the small connecting to a mechanical ventilator called ECMO, a system that is used with infants who are extremely ill due to breathing or heart problems and then induce a coma, by sedatives, to prevent wear of one of the lungs of White, which was affected by frequent complications.


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            Re: Hemorrhagic pneumonia, the disease that affected the daughter Pampita

            Spanish-English translation

            The daughter of Pampita has the "Legionnaires' disease"?

            Chilean doctors are investigating whether the baby has a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria and on Thursday the country would arrive trasandino Argentine specialist.

            The daughter of Carolina Pampita Ardohain , White Vicu?a , continues admitted to the Clinica Las Condes, Chile , where doctors study if you have the "Legionnaires' disease" , a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria .
            As reported by the journalist of "Intruders", Paul Layus, the girl spent a good night while doctors are investigating whether the call is "Legionnaires' disease".
            Legionnaires' disease, or Legionellosis is a type of pneumonia caused by bacteria. Ordinarily acquired for air and water vapor is passed from one person to another. About 5 to 30 percent of people who suffer, die.
            Meanwhile, White's own father, Benjamin Vicu?a, had requested the authorities not to give clinical information to prevent all still talking about it.
            This Wednesday the Chilean actor again used his Twitter account : Force my love ? ? she wrote at 21, when you performed the prayer chain.


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              Re: Argentina - Girl died from hemorrhagic pneumonia

              Spanish-English translation

              The phrase Vicu?a Blanca
              Published on 10 Sep 2012. Filed under Entertainment .
              "Sleep my child quiet," the actor tweeted Benajam?n Vicu?a after the death of his eldest daughter, Blanca, six years. The message was accompanied by a photo, which is the protagonist of The lady embracing her child.

              Vicu?a: "sleep quietly, my child."
              Little was buried yesterday in Santiago de Chile, in the midst of profound grief of family and friends of his parents.
              Moments after death, yesterday, Vicu?a and his wife, model Carolina "Pampita" Ardohain, had thanked the support during the nine days that White was hospitalized in Santiago's Las Condes Clinic.
              The last goodbye
              The girl suffered a multiple organ failure and died on Saturday after being hospitalized for nine days at Clinica Las Condes. Doctors who treated the little detailed yesterday that "the bleeding was beyond surgical" and they could not revive her. Doctors had previously ruled out hanta and yellow fever.
              Before yesterday afternoon began the vigil in the chapel of the Sacred Hearts of Manquehue College. The site chosen was where he studied Vicu?a.
              Yesterday there was a Mass at which were present the First Lady, Cecilia Morel and Lucia Pinochet, the eldest daughter of General.
              Family and friends accompanied the marriage to lead a procession to the cemetery Chilean Memorial Park, where the remains of the girl.
              The Nation


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                Re: Argentina - Girl died from hemorrhagic pneumonia

                Spanish-English translation

                Monday, September 10 from 201201:00 | General Information

                They confirm that the Pampita daughter died of a rare bacteria
                A strange bacteria lodged in his body during a holiday on the beach in Cancun. This disease is an inflammation of the spongy tissue of the lungs.

                The model Pampita Ardohain Argentina and Chilean actor Benjam?n Vicu?a had the disease of his daughter Blanca since 30 August, when she was admitted to a clinic in Santiago de Chile.

                White, the daughter of six years of the model Pampita Ardohain Argentina and Chilean actor Benjam?n Vicu?a who died yesterday was infected with a rare bacteria that lodged in his body during a family vacation in Cancun, the Riviera Maya in Mexico, and had to be admitted to the Clinica Las Condes, Chile.

                Actually, the story of the daughter of Vicu?a and Ardohain Pampita began Thursday August 30. However, his parents chose to retain the health of his daughter and chose not to release the medical report, according to the newspaper The Sun, in its online edition.

                Finally it became known, White suffered a hemorrhagic pneumonia: a spongy tissue inflammation of the lungs, usually caused by bacteria, and that generates a bleeding in these organs and is not easily detected by physicians.

                This bleeding can be externalized through the blood removal by cough or accumulation in the tissue lining the lungs.

                However, sometimes no symptoms and can be formed outside a hematoma within the body, which can only be seen through a chest x-ray or CT.

                In such cases, hemorrhagic pneumonia may occur by other factors, such as anemia, hyperbilirubinemia (destruction of red blood cells) and platelets consumption (coagulators) of blood. According to the site 24Con latter may be the one that hit the girl.

                As known from the start, White had bacteria in their lungs could not be identified by doctors to attack them with appropriate antibiotics. Following this, the picture got worse and the baby had to be induced coma and connected to a mechanical ventilator called ECMO system (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), which helped her breathing oxygenates your blood.

                Invasive. This treatment is invasive to the body and, according to experts, can cause destruction of platelets and red blood cells, which is why Benjamin and blood donors Pampita asked for her daughter last week.

                The small coagulopathy and then suffered a stroke, so it underwent a minor surgical emergency. Hours later, his pneumonia haemorrhagic septicemia caused him widespread that ended her life.


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                  Re: Argentina - Girl died from hemorrhagic pneumonia

                  Spanish-English translation

                  It is still unknown what was the disease
                  After White's death, give recommendations for the care of children
                  09.10.2012 | 7:01 Daniel Pizzi, director of the Pediatric Hospital told Channel 3 that the diffusion of this case serves to make people aware. He warned that they are low vaccination levels in Cordoba and country.

                  Pizzi said that even at this time of year are at high risk of respiratory diseases.

                  The sudden death of Blanche, the daughter of 6 years of Pampita Ardohain and actor Benjamin Vicu?a, raises doubts and fears of parents about health vulnerabilities of children. Though still exact cause of death of the White small, it is speculated that a virus brought their vacation in Mexico, or contracted hantavirus, dengue or H1N1. Speaking to Cadena 3 , Daniel Pizzi, director of the Children's Hospital of Cordoba, reflected on the health of children and what things can be prevented and what not. "Breastfeeding is the best of the vaccines until 6 months of life," he said while stressing two vital aspects: "No smoking in front of children because nicotine much lower immunity, and vaccination. " Regarding the latter, Pizzi said: "Vaccines are available, we VACUNATORIOS with available times, extended, and we're not comfortable vaccinating our children. Nor are vaccinating adults." Regarding symptoms of respiratory diseases, Pizzi said that babies begin to stir, usually have fever and vomiting. The doctor reiterated that there is to do "home treatments", and whether to use "immediately" to the doctor. "Hope is know the cause of death of this small to prevent, "said Pizzi, adding:" The single death of a child is a tragedy, because it is a future that is lost. " "We see that these things happen in crowded, we hardly think this can happen in those hotels where everything is so carefully. But there are viruses and bacteria, "recalled Pizzi. "immune system (the girl) was weak before the bacteria, and maybe brothers and Parents were also contacted, but nothing happened, "said the doctor. Pizzi also stressed: "If people go on vacation to Mexico have to care for the number of cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever is in Cancun." "There are things against which we can prevent, but others can not, "said the professional. On the occasion, Pizzi reminded people that despite being a day of the arrival of spring, it was not the risk of respiratory diseases. "El vaccination rates in Cordoba is 60 percent and 52 percent in the country, "said Pizzi. "We have to play these things so hard, so we are not aflojemos and people aware," said the doctor. " Thanks to the spread of these cases in the media, people become aware, "said Pizzi. Pediatric Hospital director also stressed that the public health system of Cordoba has the technology and professionals to address a case like the Pampita daughter. "Children of the village in the Gran Chaparral Cordoba receives the same attention given to this baby clinic Los Condes, Chile," Pizzi said. "We have human resources of a scientific level as good or perhaps better than the rest of the countries in the region, "he concluded. health of children.


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                    Re: Girl died from hemorrhagic pneumonia

                    Several things jump out at me here:

                    - The child appears to be the daughter of a celebrity couple; this is a MAJOR news story in Argentina right now, and appears several times in list of "most read" articles at

                    - We have at least one article in this thread that indicates that two bacteria have been identified, but we don't know their names. Later articles indicate negative testing for yellow fever (which isn't even symptomatically right) and hantavirus, which are viral and not bacterial.

                    - Obviously, influenza is one of the first things that comes to my mind, but none of the articles mention any test results. Having had exposures in both hemispheres, seasonality really isn't an issue as to whether the child could have contracted flu. If the two bacteria are common, this could be a complication of an influenza infection. H3N2v is not an issue here, as the states reporting cases in the US are nowhere near the Mexican border.

                    - We don't know where precisely in Mexico the child had been. Dengue is a risk in certain parts of Mexico, but not others. And dengue is not a great symptomatic match (it shouldn't cause pneumonia). Plague is native to the US Southwest (and a great symptomatic match), so may also exist across the border in Mexico, but with a short incubation period, someone else would likely be ill by now if the girl had contracted plague.

                    I think this case has actually been diagnosed; we just haven't found any article revealing the diagnosis.


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                      Re: Girl died from hemorrhagic pneumonia

                      Thank you Alert. From what I can tell from reading many articles, the parents are with holding medical records.

                      Articles state they were in Cancun when fever and swollen glands began. Could it have been co-infection of Dengue and flu? Flu cases are in Chile and Argentina at this time and Dengue is always in Mexico in the rainy season.

                      Hopefully answers will come soon. Condolences to all family and friends.


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                        Re: Girl died from hemorrhagic pneumonia

                        This article also puts them in Cancun (ruling out plague), and says the bacteria was contracted at the beach:


                        I suspect this is going to be something exceedingly rare. But this one also suspects Legionella:


                        The problem with a dengue/flu co-infection is that the girl apparently had bacteria in her blood, and both of those are viral. So she would have had to have the misfortune to contract at least three different agents at once.


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                          Re: Girl died from hemorrhagic pneumonia

                          risks also downplayed some rare diseases, such as the "Legionnaire", because "no longer used the air conditioning systems of decades ago, which favored the proliferation of Legionella, a bacteria capable of causing severe pneumonia. "

                          There have been cases of Legionnaires in Cancun. Though I don't think i've seen anything recently. Perhaps there was a pre-exisitng condition involved as the article states.

                          Sad story, but they all are.


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                            Re: Girl died from hemorrhagic pneumonia

                            Spanish-English translation

                            Hemorrhagic pneumonia in children is rare, but serious
                            Specialists explain that causes severe tables and has a high mortality rate.

                            Pampita , White Vicu?a , pneumonia
                            The causes of death of White Vicu?a still have no official confirmation. Clinica Las Condes, Santiago, Chile, where he was hospitalized and died, did not broadcast any part. Last night, Clarin again communicate with the institution, which failed to report whether a statement would spread or when she would.

                            However in some cases, attributing the information to unofficial sources the clinic, several Chilean media assume that the death was the result of a hemorrhagic pneumonia.

                            Clarin consulted Alejandro Teper, head of the Center of Children's Hospital Respiratory Ricardo Gutierrez. The doctor who made ​​the caveat that it could only talk generally about the condition and not the case itself, explained that hemorrhagic pneumonia is a severe infection of the lung in which bleeding occurs that makes the support measures that take are ineffective .

                            Alejandro Videla, pulmonologist Austral University Hospital, adds that hemorrhagic pneumonia is quite rare. "In our ICU we see one to three cases a year of this condition , "said the doctor.

                            "Hemorrhagic pneumonia is rare in pediatrics and when present is a serious condition , it will be more or less depending on the different organs are affected. But there are high rates of mortality, "said Teper.

                            Transcended information speaks of bacteria have attacked the body of the baby. However, Teper explained that this type of pneumonias are generally caused by a viral agent. Videla coincides in this statement and details that in the few cases where the frame may have a bacterial origin, one of the bacteria that causes it is dengue. "And in general, bacterial pneumonias have no resolutions such as this case, but end up responding to an antibiotic," said Teper.

                            White Vicu?a had entered Clinica Las Condes with cold symptoms, high fever, chills and cough. It is believed that in a recent holiday in Mexico have contracted two bacteria and, to attack, doctors kept pharmacological coma. What preceded the death would have been a generalized infection caused a failure of all organs. According to doctors consulted by local media, "the bleeding was beyond surgical" and they could not revive her.


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                              Re: Girl died from hemorrhagic pneumonia

                              This article appears to rule out Hanta and Dengue.

                              Spanish-English translation

                              Vicu?a White dies because of a hemorrhagic pneumonia

                              The daughter of actor Benjam?n Vicu?a and Ardohain Carolina Argentina model remained nine days at the clinic.

                              by Cecilia Gutierrez
                              Share Enlarge
                              Yesterday, at 12.30 hours and after nine days hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of Clinica Las Condes, died Blanca, the daughter of actor Benjam?n Vicu?a and Ardohain Carolina model. The six year old girl died of hemorrhagic pneumonia, which caused a stroke and sepsis. Because of this, at 12.25 was disconnected from the machine that helped her stay alive these days. The school was later transferred to Sacred Hearts of Manquehue, Vitacura, which was veiled.

                              "We appreciate the love and support for White, it was surrounded by love and light. We will live our sorrow in the privacy of the family, friends and the energy that we have sent hundreds of people. Infinite thanks "was the statement that the family Vicu?a Ardohain sent yesterday to the media, past 14 hours and through his representative.

                              Later, it was learned that the child's funeral will take place at 15.00 today in Memorial Park Cemetery after a Mass to be held at the same school.

                              The daughter of actor of the TV series Argentina The lady was admitted at the hospital since Aug. 30, when her parents took her to the place because, what initially had seemed a cold acquired during a holiday in the Riviera Maya, is complicated. White Vicu?a was admitted with fever and was initially diagnosed with tonsillitis. However, after spending the night at the clinic, and she did not respond to medication, doctors begin to investigate other possible cause of evil. There, he denied that suffer hanta virus and dengue, but was found to have two bacteria in the body, the doctors had difficulty identifying them and, therefore, to treat them.

                              Past 22 hours on Friday, the doctor in charge of the girl he met Vicu?a and Ardohain to inform them that his condition had worsened irreversibly. Then, the relatives and friends of the couple began arriving to the place, including Eva Gomez (see p. 50).

                              Earlier this week, on Monday, the eldest daughter of Vicu?a was on life support and, a day later, had been placed in an induced coma to reduce stress in your body.