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    House Book

    I am starting a "House Book". It is just a three ring binder with pockets on the inside covers, nothing special. Inside are lists of those "Oh by the way..." items that tend to be forgotten until an emergency occurs. It is nice to have this information at my finger tips and not have to try and remember details should a problem happen. By scheduling routine maintenance and being proactive a lot of problems can be prevented. Budgeting funds for expected repairs and maintenance ahead of time has taken a lot of arguments out of our marriage. (Hat tip to Dave Ramsey)

    It includes a calendar with important dates like:

    When the batteries in the smoke detectors were last changed and/or will need to be changed.
    When the septic tank was last pumped and when it needs to be pumped. We do ours every other year. Also included will be the name and phone number of the company who did it last with a note as to if they did a good job or not and should be used again.
    When the water softener/system was last serviced. Along with the name and phone number of the company who did it last with a note as to if they did a good job or not and should be used again.
    A reminder to refill profane tanks when the price usually goes down in summer.
    A reminder to periodically check fire extinguishers expiration/service date. Also to verify they are the correct type for what fires we would most likely have to put out.
    A reminder to change the filters, their specifications and where to get them.

    Other important contact information:

    The alarm company
    The local company which handles repair of furnaces and appliances.
    The Plumber
    The electrician
    The Snowplow Guy
    The guy who delivers firewood and takes down widow makers (dangerous hanging timber).
    The Jack-of-all-trades that takes care of anything else that we can't handle.


    This section would include any work done on the house as far as repairs and maintenance, who did the work, when, how timely they were, their contact information and notes on the quality of the job.
    Copies of the company's proof of insurance at the time the work was done.
    Copies of any government permits if needed to do the work.

    Little Details:
    Documentation on how and when to bleed the radiators.
    Other details that are unique to our home.

    Back up:
    The House Book is backed up by a file where we keep:
    Manuals for appliances etc.
    Recites for major purchase for the home such as appliances
    We were put on this earth to help and take care of one another.

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    Re: House Book

    You are so organized! Smart ideas.

    We have tree root problems so our sewer needs to be cleaned out every two years. So, I would have to add that to your list. What it really needs is to take down the trees but as they are 95 year-old oaks that is not going to happen.
    Please do not ask me for medical advice, I am not a medical doctor.

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    Thank you,
    Shannon Bennett