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Dental Home Emergency Kit

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  • Dental Home Emergency Kit

    I have a small Dental Home Emergency Kit for the kinds of problems my family tends to experience. I am not a dentist or medical professional. My kit may not be appropriate for others. Please talk to your appropriate licensed medical professional for assistance putting together and for proper instructions on how to use the content of your kit.

    Dental Home Emergency Kit
    My families Dental Home Emergency Kit fits inside a plastic pencil case (about 8 inches x 4 inches x 2 inches) and contains the following:
    dental floss
    a packet of glue to recement a popped crown (the kind that has the two substances that need to be mixed to form the cement). This was supplied by my dentist. His office is on the other side of the county and he trusts me to know how to properly reinsert a popped crown.
    an OTC topical oral analgesic appropriate for teething pain
    OTC temporary cavity filler compound in case a filling falls out (for until we can get to a dentist as soon as possible).
    I am keeping a look out for a travel size bottle of antiseptic mouth wash to add to the kit.
    We were put on this earth to help and take care of one another.