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Ebola Preparedness Webinar For EMS Personnel Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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  • Ebola Preparedness Webinar For EMS Personnel Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    Tuesday, October 21, 2014

    Ebola Preparedness Webinar For EMS Personnel

    Columbus Fire Department Medic 7 - Wikipedia

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    As part of their continuing efforts to prepare frontline medical personnel on what to do if they are presented with a possible or suspected Ebola case, the CDC and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) will hold a webinar tomorrow afternoon geared for EMS personnel.
    Webinar: Ebola Preparedness for Emergency Medical Services
    ASPR and CDC staff will discuss the previously developed and distributed Detailed Emergency Medical Services Checklist for Ebola Preparedness, which highlights activities that EMS agencies and systems should consider to prepare for managing patients with Ebola and other infectious diseases. This checklist is intended to enhance collective preparedness and response by highlighting key areas for EMS agencies to review in preparation for a person under investigation (PUI) for Ebola. The checklist provides practical and specific suggestions to ensure agencies are able to detect possible Ebola cases, protect employees, and respond appropriately.

    Additionally, CDC collaborated with staff and representatives from the Federal Interagency Committee on EMS (FICEMS) to develop
    Interim Guidance for Emergency Medical Services Systems and 911 PSAPs. FICEMS staff will discuss this guidance, intended for use by managers to understand and explain to staff how to respond and stay safe and by individual providers to respond to suspected Ebola patients and to stay safe.

    The purpose of this webinar is to further explain these documents and address any questions that you may have. Staff from several FICEMS member agencies will field questions. FICEMS includes representatives from ASPR, CDC, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Department of Homeland Security?s Office of Health Affairs, the U.S. Fire Administration, an appointed State EMS Director and other agencies.

    Please note that we will ONLY be taking live questions via the webinar Q&A feature during this event. Due to the expected high volume of questions, we will not be able to address all questions during the call.

    In an effort to maximize availability of call-in lines, please consider joining this webinar with multiple colleagues on one computer.
    Please note: An audio recording and transcript will be made available on this page following the call.
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