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Fever 1793: Children's book about a yellow fever epidemic

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  • Fever 1793: Children's book about a yellow fever epidemic

    I found this fictional story entertaining and historically accurate. It was interesting to watch as the story unfolded that even though technology and medicine have made such tremendous strides since 1793 human nature has not. It was the human factor, people willing to risk their own lives to help others in need, which saved many lives and kept the terrible situation from becoming even more tragic. The story wove together the problems of hunger caused by food shortages, the high price of food if it could be found, food theft and other dangers related to the epidemic as well. It illustrated the wisdom of quarantining during an epidemic. The story also documented the American doctor's resistance to accepting European (French) practices in dealing with the historic plague. At the time of the story French Doctors had significantly more experience dealing successfully with this disease.

    I found the story entertaining and the child of any demanding parent should not have much trouble identifying with the main character (especially a daughter with a mother concerned about her daughter's marriage prospects). It could be helpful as a starting point in educating older children to the dangers of an epidemic or pandemic with a significant CFR and self relience.

    Amish Country

    Fever 1793
    Reading level: Ages 9 & up
    Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
    Language: English
    We were put on this earth to help and take care of one another.