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  • Family Preparedness: Pet Emergency Cards

    Monday, April 25, 2016

    ICE For Pets


    With America's Preparathon! on April 30th (see Getting Ready For America's Preparathon!),I'll be running a few preparedness blogs this week. Today, a quickie, inspired by a giveaway I ran across on Saturday while helping a friend do volunteer work for an animal rescue organization.
    It is a very simple ICE (In Case of Emergency) card pet owners can carry to notify a Hospital ER staff that they have pets at home, and who they should call, if they become sick or injured.

    Long time readers know I promote the carriage of some kind of medical history or ID card, with instructions on what medications you are taking, any allergies, and emergency contact information.

    I addressed that issue in a blog called Those Who Forget Their History . . . . A few excerpts (but follow the link to read the whole thing):
    Since you can?t always know, in advance, when you might need medical care it is important to carry with you some kind of medical history at all times. It can tell doctors important information about your history, medications, and allergies when you can?t.
    Many hospitals and pharmacies provide ? either free, or for a very nominal sum ? folding wallet medical history forms with a plastic sleeve to protect them. Alternatively, there are templates available online.
    I?ve scanned the one offered by one of our local hospitals below. It is rudimentary, but covers the basics.

    Since I live alone, I'll now be adding the PET ICE card to may wallet as well.
    While I don't do make endorsements often, you can't spend the day comforting frightened kittens at an adoption event without becoming personally involved, so . . .

    For those in the Tampa Bay area looking to adopt a pet, or who would like to volunteer or donate to the cause of finding homes for these adorable animals, you'll find the Facebook page for the St. Francis Society rescue organization below (warning: pictures of cute kittens abound).

    Making it easy to support, May 3rd is Give Day - a 24 hour online event where you can donate to local non-profits in the Tampa bay area, including the St. Francis Society.

    Posted by Michael Coston at 8:13 AM