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What are FluTrackers personally doing about the various political, social, economic, disease uncertainties

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  • What are FluTrackers personally doing about the various political, social, economic, disease uncertainties

    US - OIE report: HP H5N1 in duck in Washington State - January 21, 2015 Well...I am not sure what I think about this. I think the US gov needs to release the sequences relating to H5N1 H5N8 and H5N2 avian flu strains recently found in Washington, Oregon, California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah. The rumours will be worse than the truth so I encourage all departments of the US gov to be forthcoming.

    At this point I am not doing anything different than my usual life style. I have posted a lot about washing hands 24/7 and other methods of infection avoidance: standing 4-6 feet away from people in public, carry wipes for use on grocery carts, door handles, etc.

    I am still buying and eating chicken. I think hunters need to be very aware of the emerging avian flu situation in wild birds. Everyone should read this:

    Basic advice for stopping the spread of avian influenza

    The CDC abandoned the old avian flu website here and has links posted for other departments. I hope they develop some guidance about these strains even though there is no record of them infecting any humans in the US.

    FluTrackers is here to stay. We do not accept any money from any corporations or governments. We also do not accept any ads. We are independent media.

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    I am making this post since H5N2 avian influenza is making a march into the mid-west:

    Arkansas - USDA Confirms Highly Pathogenic H5N2 Avian Influenza in Commercial Turkey Flock

    Missouri: H5N2 confirmed at 2 turkey facilities

    My favorite protein is chicken. I eat it everyday. Turkey is tied for 2nd with salmon for my personal protein preferences. I would eat salmon everyday but it is too expensive.

    At this point I am still buying fresh and frozen chicken, eggs, and turkey. Salmonella has always been a threat with handling poultry so I am going to continue my same regimen when preparing raw meat. I use disposable gloves. This is not a new practice for me. I keep a box on the kitchen counter and in my car - mostly for cleaning.

    There is no record of H5N2 causing any human illness in the US - but there is a study showing some people exposed to H5N2 positive chickens had antibodies to H5N2 link.

    Recently the CDC warning on the handling of raw poultry and on wild birds: link

    "However, consumers are reminded to handle raw poultry hygienically and cook all poultry and poultry products (including eggs) thoroughly before eating.
    Raw poultry can be associated with many infections, including salmonella.
    While there is no evidence that any human cases of avian influenza have ever been acquired by eating properly cooked poultry products, uncooked poultry and poultry products (like blood) have been linked to human infections with organisms other than influenza. Proper cooking kills influenza viruses. Visit the USDA food safety website at USDA - Food Safety Education for instructions on handling poultry safely."


    "Around birds
    • As a general precaution, people should avoid wild birds and observe them only from a distance
    • Avoid contact with domestic birds (poultry) that appear ill or have died
    • Avoid contact with surfaces that appear to be contaminated"

    I am going to be careful around live birds and poultry, and when preparing raw meat - of all kinds.

    I have to clean some bird poop off my windshield today. As usual, for disgusting cleaning jobs, I am going to wear disposable gloves and use paper towels.


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      My daughter is postponing getting pregnant for a few months until more is known about Zika virus and the possible connection to the birth defects reported in South America.


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        merci Sharon,

        ce lieu est effectivement un lieu presque unique, dont j'abuse depuis bien longtemps. Les conséquences de ce que j'ai évoqué sont en train d'induire bien des bonnes choses, car le biais mis en lumière doit être et sera traité.

        Maintenant , le groupe google, qui se nourrit de la publicité, s'il veut prétendre aborder des dossiers du type de ceux évoqués en ce lieu, il va falloir qu'il prouve vraiment que ce ne sera pas que de l'esbroufe...

        Le référencement et la cartographie sont des outils à la pédagogie démontrée et google peut vraiment beaucoup...




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          My niece who is planning on getting pregnant asked me for my opinion about the Zika threat in the U.S. and I made it clear that I was not offering advice, but that I personally would not travel to a country having an outbreak, mainly because pesticides might be overused in a panic, and that is a known threat to the unborn. Other than that I had no concerns but told her that if she did get pregnant and became concerned about the health situation where she lives for any reason, she could come up and stay with me for the duration of her pregnancy. She was relieved since while she is suspicious about the Zika/birth defect link she agrees that overuse of pesticides could be a threat and would want to get away from a panic while pregnant.
          I also told her that I would love and support a great-niece or nephew whether or not she/he was born perfectly healthy and she was happy to hear that.
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            We have a little more knowledge about Zika virus since I last posted, but not much more. I have a million questions. My family is still taking a precautionary approach.

            This weekend I am going to buy some mosquito repellent and take a look at my backyard to see what possible breeding areas I have. I have seen mosquitoes breed in tiny, tiny areas so I am going to de-thatch the areas under the bushes so those are clear. I am going to be sure there are no areas where any standing water can accumulate. I generally always do this at least once a year. I have noticed that when my dogs are outside mosquitoes try to bite them and then ride on them into the house. I usually try to pat the dogs down as they come inside.

            I have also discovered that the tiger mosquito (aedes aegypti) is impossible to swat. I think it has some kind of highly developed radar. The only way to not be bitten by them is prevention.

            I am also going to call the city and ask what they are doing about water that sits in the drainage system and I am going to a nearby cemetery to be sure that they are not allowing any water retention in those flower holders.


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              That's a great idea, Sharon, to eliminate breeding areas. Another thing that might help is to learn about what fragrances they like and avoid those. This might be helpful:


              Imitation cherry and apple seem to attract aedes aegypti. When I was hiking a couple of years ago, I found that my green tea attracted a swarm of mosquitoes. They hovered right around the open thermos. It might have been a jasmine enhanced tea, though. I think they like that, too.I've been meaning to experiment more since I really like green tea and hope that plain green tea doesn't attract them.
              Never forget Excalibur.
              “‘i love myself.’ the quietest. simplest. most powerful. revolution ever.” ---- nayyirah waheed
              Avatar: Franz Marc, Liegender Hund im Schnee 1911 (My posts are not intended as advice or professional assessments of any kind.)