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Indiana governor & CDC joint media conference on USA coronavirus MERS case - May 5, 2014 - FluTrackers "Storify"

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  • Indiana governor & CDC joint media conference on USA coronavirus MERS case - May 5, 2014 - FluTrackers "Storify"

    Please read from the bottom up.

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 10m
    Press conference on #MERS now finished. @FluTrackers 1m
    #USA - @WHO confirmation report of 1st known #coronavirus #MERS case in US @ironorehopper

    Kai Kupferschmidt @kakape 9m
    If you've been to Arabian peninsula and you have #MERS symptoms, best call health care provider let them know, so they can arrange.

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 10m
    CDC: Federal Government will continue to monitor #MERS as long as it needs to. #INDIANA is "here 'til it's done."

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 11m
    Comm Health Doc: #MERS incubation period is 2-14 days with an average of 5 days. @FluTrackers 10m
    We officially ask the @CDCgov to widely distribute #coronavirus #MERS sequence info in no membership required GenBank. Thanks

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 12m
    CDC: If #MERS virus continues to infect people in Middle East, would not be surprising if we have another importation in US.

    Helen Branswell @HelenBranswell 14m
    2/2 this would suggest there are (or where) unidentified #MERS cases in the hospital where he worked. #MERS

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 13m
    CDC: No travel restrictions between US and Saudi Arabia because of this #MERS case, no changes to travel guidelines. @FluTrackers 13m
    @HelenBranswell @kakape Hope the sequence is widely distributed and placed in no membership required GenBank.

    Helen Branswell @HelenBranswell 15m
    My question! RT @kakape: Will there be sequence data of virus? No clear answer from CDC. I cannot imagine them not sequencing it. #MERS

    Helen Branswell @HelenBranswell 16m
    First US #MERS case works at a hospital in Riyadh, #KSA. He does not remember contact with a MERS case. Unless he caught from source 1/2

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 16m
    CDC: #MERS patient was in #Munster for planned visit with family.

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 19m
    CDC: definition of close contact is "caring for a patient, more than a single incidental event." Suspect Contact with Respiratory Droplets

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 19m
    CDC: #MERS has gone person-to-person but only among close contact. No evidence it's gone beyond that.

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 20m
    Comm. Hospital Doc: #MERS virus - flu like symptoms - fever, cough, shortness of breath. Some patients have diarrhea (rare).

    Helen Branswell @HelenBranswell 21m
    Good news that there are no signs yet of spread from the first US #MERS patients. But it is too soon to say no local spread has occurred.

    Helen Branswell @HelenBranswell 23m
    But because incubation period of #MERS is out to 14 days, healthcare workers will be tested later to make sure infection didn't occur 2/2

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 22m
    Comm. Hospital Doc: Respiratory and contact isolation includes mask, gown, gloves and eye protection for #MERS virus.

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 23m
    CDC: There is a possibility that viruses may mutate over time and become more dangerous, No evidence #MERS virus has done that.

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 24m
    Comm Hospital Doc: Patient arrived at hospital on his on accord with family.

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 25m
    Comm Hospital Doc: Patient was always in a private room, placed in isolation the day after he arrived at hospital.

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 25m
    Community Hospital: About 50 employees had contact with patient prior to him being put in full isolation. All have tested negative for #MERS

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 26m
    CDC: #MERS patient was working in Saudi Arabia hospital -- didn't work directly with #MERS patients, but #MERS patients were at hospital.

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 27m
    Comm. Hospital Doc: workers recognized #MERS quickly because they asked patient the right questions.

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 31m
    CDC: 100 people on plane and 10 people on bus with infected patient. Have reached 75% of them for #MERS follow up

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 32m
    CDC: working w/ health depts from around country to contact passengers on plane and bus with infected #MERS patient. Have reached 75%.

    Kelli Stopczynski @KelliWSBT 36m
    Gov. Pence speaking now ab #MERS

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    Re: Indiana governor & CDC joint media conference on USA coronavirus MERS case - May 5, 2014 - FluTrackers "Storify"

    WHO update said that first signs of illness appeared for this patient on April 14 with a mild fever without respiratory symptoms.

    See full report:


    He began feeling unwell on or around 14 April 2014 with a low-grade fever without any respiratory symptoms.