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Tunisia - Media reports that MoH official advises citizens to postpone Hajj and Umrah "at the present time"

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  • Tunisia - Media reports that MoH official advises citizens to postpone Hajj and Umrah "at the present time"

    There are many Arabic media carrying this story.

    machine translation

    GMT 13:15 2014 Thursday, May 22 : Last Update
    Tunisia advises its citizens to postpone the Hajj and Umrah in anticipation of "Corona"

    Tunisia : Ministry of Health has advised the Tunisian Thursday Tunisians to "postpone" perform Umrah and Hajj this year to the holy spots in Saudi Arabia in anticipation of the Corona virus causing respiratory syndrome Middle East.

    He called Noureddine Ben Achour director of "National Observatory of new and emerging diseases" of the Ministry of Health, Tunisians, in a statement over the radio Mosaique FM own, to "postpone the Hajj and Umrah at the present time."

    For its part, the Health Ministry said in a statement published on the front page of the official Facebook that she "advises the elderly and the chronically ill, pregnant women and children under 12 years of age, or to postpone doing Umrah pilgrimage to a later date, in order to maintain their health."

    In May 2013, Tunisia announced record wounding three people infected with Corona, according to the Ministry of Health confirmed in a statement that non-registration of new cases of infection with the exception of the three cases mentioned. And Wednesday, announced the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia for the death of a new virus, Corona, bringing the total number to 176 Ofiat in the Kingdom, the first focus of the virus, which appeared in 2012.

    The number of HIV infections in the UK to 544 176 people have died, according to the website of the Saudi Ministry of Health. Was counting cases of Corona virus in several countries, including Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon, as well as the United States, but the majority of patients have traveled or worked in Saudi Arabia recently.

    Corona virus causes inflammation in the lungs accompanied by fever, cough and breathing difficulties and also lead to kidney failure. There is currently no vaccine against this virus. The World Health Organization announced after an emergency meeting about Corona last week that there is no need to declare a state of "public health emergency comprehensive," in the absence of evidence about the transmission of the virus between humans.

    The organization confirmed Wednesday that the emergency committee held its fourth meeting on the disease, considered that "the gravity of the situation increased compared to the impact on public health." They pointed to the soaring number of cases and the weakness of preventive measures and control of the transmission.