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South Korea - Media report: St. Mary's Hospital closed for "epidemic prevention" until June 12 - Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province

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  • South Korea - Media report: St. Mary's Hospital closed for "epidemic prevention" until June 12 - Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province

    War of Su Mer] "wangraeja hospital must keep track of time," Close the door until St. Mary's Hospital in Pyeongtaek residents uneasy gaboni ... near a convenience store ...

    Enter: 2015.06.05 03:00 | Revision: 05/06/2015 10:26

    Hospital President "interviews after this incident."

    4 days 3 o'clock in the afternoon, game entrance of St. Mary's Hospital in Pyeongtaek was firmly closed. Glass yen was attached signposts of 'hospital per lot Please note that hath provisional Closed for epidemic prevention. Hospital pharmacy and convenience store in front of the second place also temporarily closed the door. Ground car parking yen gotta had three hospitals and one Taiwanese bus parking, people to and from the hospital. There was no lightness. Hospital representatives phones without any explanation "June 12 to Temporarily Closed" of recorded voice repeated my only spent. Korea's first Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Homers) patients (68) Homers second was hospitalized in a hospital infections occurred 27 people. The first patient was admitted to the ward with no vents, also changed a lot of people are infected dwaetdaneun doubt on that floor like a 'virus sauna' was raised. Can not say the side entrance to the hospital for suspicion of such Segundo. Wool Chairman of the Medical Foundation Hospital is member of the "Centers for Disease Control from the initial situation in conversation with Homers Awake What the hospital and individual interviews with the media Have refrain was, "he declined an interview. He said, "but until now, this part of the staff personally, says the opinion, that was not a good result every time," he said "even if even if the criticism (Homers related) seems to fit it to the end of this interview," he said. Health The authorities did not disclose the name of the hospital in Pyeongtaek residents know most. Taxi drivers Kim (44) said, "The residents know what is in effect start dwaetdaneun Homers situation in Pyeongtaek, St. Mary's Hospital," he said "I would rather reveal the name of the hospital, and the first patient has ahninya to figure out who was hospitalized at the time ohgatdeon "he said. A restaurant nearby, president of St. Mary's Hospital in Pyeongtaek, "he said the hospital is closed for guest was reduced expansion," while "one hand to the guests who went to that hospital also may log ohdeora is anxious to think." St. Mary's Hospital in Pyeongtaek through the website very beginning "took place Homers diagnosed patients in our hospital," said alryeot but the state is now deleted that phrase.

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