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Malaysia to prevent the elderly and children of pilgrimage because of ?Corona?

05/15/2014 - NO. 893

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Mecca - Muhammad Al-Sultan

Malaysian diplomat revealed that his country has decided to prevent elderly people who crossed the age of 65 years and children from the hajj this year, for fear of contracting HIV infection Corona, pointing out that the decision came after a number of special studies.

He said Malaysian Consul Mohammad Khalid Abbasi, during a press conference yesterday after visiting the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Makkah, said the decision will not affect the number of pilgrims Malaysians, praising at the same time the Saudi government measures to curb the spread of the virus and put it under control. Aban Abbasi and his anticipation for the end of special projects in the Holy Capital, which restores the previous share to 28 thousand pilgrims, especially after numbers fell by 20%, according to the directives of the Saudi government.