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Egypt - Gov says 1 pilgrim died from MRSA after return from Saudi Arabia - allegations of coronavirus MERS cases in hospital - Gharbia governorate - October 31 +

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  • sharon sanders
    Also please see:

    Egypt - Police force hospital to admit patient in Gharbiya Governorate. - October 28, 2015

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  • sharon sanders
    The patient referred to above died of MRSA. However, there are allegations of other coronavirus MERS cases in the hospital.


    The death of a patient to "Mircea" and the appearance of the case of "Corona" in Western

    Thursday 05-11-2015 | 2:04 Corona virus disease

    Mr. Abdel Aal

    Died on Wednesday, citizen province of Western after being infected with ?Mircea? and detained within the year the camp hospital, the lack of rooms equipped to treat the injured with the virus.
    Al ?gateway?, from informed sources, that the son of the deceased who was a doctor and tried to mislead the camp, General Hospital, which run by a friend of his, to book his father inside where rejects any hospital to accept those stiff enemy cases.
    The source explained that the patient so the virus needs special isolation room, and sleepwear medical kit, which does not exist in the hospital, the source pointed out that doctors discovered the real disease of the situation, where symptoms appear on the body ?abscesses and sores Sididip?, he refused doctors entering the intensive care that the patient was detained inside, demanding Ptaqimha and accounting of allowed to order that the situation at the hospital in the absence of readiness.

    On the other hand, nurses said that there are patients with ?Corona? hospital , noting Tjmahn before the Office of the Director and his demand to bring the case of the hospital, until it was converted into a fever.

    He accused the doctors at the hospital director that he belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, demanding the Minister of Health to open Public and left out of the hospital.

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  • sharon sanders
    This article says that the patient tested negative for coronavirus MERS but has a rare disease.

    Western hospitals announce rare injury patient germs

    Saturday 31 / October / 2015 - 16:31
    file photo
    West - Sharif Abdul Ghani
    Dr. Fathi Hldom director sections Emergency Hospitals Health in the West, that all medical tests and examinations were conducted to a detainees patients intensive care hospital Mahala year, proved negative infection Balchorona.

    He added that he was transferred the patient's case to one of the rooms insulation; health current deterioration and weakening the patient's immune and preserve the lives of workers in hospital.

    He explained, "Hldom" that a patient named"Ahmed PSC" resident area Tamiflu the neighborhood a second camp was transferred from Nasser Specialist Institute and the specialized medical centers, after returning from a land Arabia, after suffering a rare disease after moving his enemy out of the way of direct or air deal, stressing that the incidence of this disease is not only through the used tools in surgical operations and deal through direct blood mixing.

    Dr. Mohammed serrated Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, has formed a committee of emergency under the supervision of the Director of Sections emergency hospital and in coordination with Dr. Shadi Jamal Director Hospital General Mahala; in an effort to make sure the patient's injury or whether or not and to seek the transfer of the case if necessary to the Abbasid Fever Hospital in Cairo.

    أكد الدكتور فتحي شلضوم مدير أقسام الطورائ بمستشفيات الصحة في الغربية، أن كافة التحاليل الطبية والفحوصات التى أجريت لأحد المرضى المحجوزين بالعناية المركزة بمستشفي المحلة العام..

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  • Egypt - Gov says 1 pilgrim died from MRSA after return from Saudi Arabia - allegations of coronavirus MERS cases in hospital - Gharbia governorate - October 31 +

    Apparently a protest by health care workers demanding the patient be transferred.

    The patient to "Koruna" camp within the public hospital nurses .. and beaten for work

    Saturday 31-10-2015 PM 05:08
    Wrote: Ahmed Fathi and companion Nassif

    Issued Dr. Mohammed serrated, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health of Western province, today, directed to Dr. Fathi Hldom director of therapeutic medicine hospitals Health to maintain the formation of an urgent committee to examine the patient's condition, "MM" hospital camp, and who is suspected of having HIV, "Corona" and the deterioration of his health condition within the intensive care hospital after returning from Saudi Arabia immediately after the end of the pilgrimage season.

    Systems and dozens of nursing specialists and hospital workers protest camp in front of the doors of the Council of the hospital administration building advertisers on strike until they take all necessary measures to cleanse the squares and streets of preventive measures on the fourth floor intensive care at the General Hospital.

    They appealed to the Minister of Health and the transfer of infected case Balchorona to the hospital for a fever in order to preserve the lives of all patients and hospital staff for fear of their lives to die.

    In the same context, Dr. Jamal open Shady Director General of the camp hospital sooner an investigation into the mechanisms of reception that the condition and the need to prepare a full report on the therapeutic stages performed on her and put inside the isolation room.

    A source inside the hospital, the patient is the father of one of the doctors working at the hospital, and after his health deteriorated significantly enter the hospital.

    أصدر الدكتور محمد شرشر وكيل وزارة الصحة بمحافظة الغربية، اليوم، توجيهاته إلى الدكتور

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