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Emergency in ?Health? to cope with potential casualties b ?Corona?

Posted on: Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 - 8:45 | Last Updated: Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 - 8:45
Wrote the names of pleasure and Yasmin Abdel Razek

The head of the curative sector, the Ministry of Health, Hisham Atta, to raise the preparations in all fever hospitals and chest at the level of the Republic, the 120 Hospital, to receive any new infections with HIV Corona, during the pilgrimage season of Ramadan, stressing that ?will increase the number of hospitals that receive cases when the need for it ?.

He explained in a statement to ?Sunrise?, that ?the ministry has developed a set of guidelines and bulletins health education for citizens, and workers in the health sector?, stressing the need for the condition communion injured when suspected HIV infection, to ensure there is no panic when a patient presents with symptoms similar to the symptoms Corona.

The ?Ttaghizat been a number of hospitals in Cairo and other governorates isolation rooms to receive any HIV infections, as well as to develop a protocol faith united to deal with any case of suspected infection, and how to make sure of them, and distributed to all hospitals?.

For his part, head of the Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health, Amr Kandil, ?the absence of injury among travelers Egyptians to perform Umrah?, adding that ?the ministry did not register only one injury virus since 3 months, for a young man coming from Saudi Arabia?.


أكد رئيس القطاع العلاجى بوزارة الصحة، هشام عطا، على رفع الاستعدادات فى جميع مستشفيات الحميات والصدر


This is the 1 MoH confirmed case referred to above:

#408 - Man, 27, traveler from Saudi Arabia hospitalized in Egypt. Saudi Arabia