Tlaxcala, Tlax; on March 31 of 2016.-The Secretary of Health (SESA) brought that in Tlaxcala the number of mortal victims increased to 30 for influenza, while in the whole territory tlaxcalteca have detected 548 cases of the different viruses of this illness.

The chief of the department of epidemiology of the SESA, Ver?nica Ortega Guti?rrez, indicated that they have taken more than thousand 400 samples of cases, which the doctors considered to be a possibility of pictures of influenza, but only 548 were confirmed.

He said that 26 persons died for influenza type AH1N1, three for AH3N2 and one for the type "B", whereas 285 persons presented symptoms of the first virus, 188 of the second one and 71 of the third one.