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Cold flu sickens 500

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  • Tonka
    Re: Cold flu sickens 500

    Spanish-English translation

    AH1N1 influenza; becomes seasonal

    **Gast?n Monge / EnL?neaDIRECTA

    Warns SS-winter hazard

    ***Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. - Although data exist for their presence in the city, the Influenza AH1N1 and because there happened to be a seasonal, so it warned that this winter will be present, although less intensity as there is vaccine for treatment, said Jaime Gutierrez, head of the health jurisdiction.
    At least five people were hospitalized because of it, and said that fortunately there have been no deaths.

    This is because the application of vaccines, the population and created the antivirus sufficient to counteract the effects of this disease, which makes it a seasonal influenza.

    "For this reason, the disease only see during the winter, when the cold and the environment is provided for the transmission of the virus with pictures of five days and the classic problems of the flu, such as cough, nasal congestion and no other complication, "he said.

    For assistance in hospitals of people suffering from respiratory tract, the doctor said that in the last two weeks of October began the rise of these diseases, especially in children under five and older adults, and people with smoking and allergy problems.

    "We are aware and with a campaign-related diseases in this cold season. No wood or charcoal stick homes, prevent diarrhea, and serve the homeless when the cold is intense and avoid hypothermia and prevent burn accidents in the home, "he said.

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  • Tonka
    started a topic Cold flu sickens 500

    Cold flu sickens 500

    Spanish-English translation

    Cold flu sickens 500

    Jan 4, 2013 (11:53:26)

    -In this winter season the Civil Hospital is serving up to 200 people over ARI

    Lupita Alvarez / EnL?neaDIRECTA

    Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. - Nearly 500 patients with acute respiratory infections are being served a week in the city's Civil Hospital Victoria.

    The winter season, said Deputy Director of the hospital, Roberto Rodriguez de la Garza, significantly increased the number of patients currently taking up nearly 200 patients treated in the hot season.

    He noted that they are a total of 457 consultations per week those requested by patients, 195 more to the demand for medical care they had in the warmer months, as was the case in July.

    "The primary cause respiratory diseases remain" he said, adding that at least 10 percent of the nearly 500 patients have been hospitalized due to the severity of the condition.

    "What most motivates internment are the complications of the upper respiratory tract, we speak of laryngitis, bronquitos, pneumonia, but fortunately we managed to stabilize them all."

    Although these nearly 500 cases seen no spike in underage Deputy Director of Civil Hospital called on parents not to expose infants to low temperatures and if they do shelter them properly, without exaggeration.

    "Avoid extremes because sometimes with the intention of protecting them put more clothes, too sweaty, dehydrated, noodle and leave them worse, by sweat and leave the environment is wet as if from freshly bathed" warned.