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They deny that girl's death caused by vaccines

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  • They deny that girl's death caused by vaccines

    Acapulco, Gro. The Secretary of Health of Warrior pushed any responsibility back for the death of Aimar Lozia Castro, of 13 months of age, who, according to his parents, died as a consequence of the simultaneous application of the vaccines of stationary influenza, influenza A/H1N1 and triple viral. The secretary of state Health, Rub?n Padilla Fierro, said yesterday that the dependency prepares his legal defense and is ready to indemnify the relatives. He added that the minor died on February 28 for a respiratory unemployment.

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    Re: They deny that girl's death caused by vaccines

    Apply various doses while not harmful, says the dependence

    The girl died Aymar Loci heart defect, not vaccines, says Ssa

    The girl died Aymar Loci heart defect, not vaccines, says Ssa
    Unaware that she had a bad tetralogy of Fallot, defends the charge Padilla Fierro


    The death of the girl Aymar Loci Castro, a year and a month of birth, who died after three immunizations-supply was the result of a congenital malformation of the heart and the application of the dose delivered by personnel from the Ministry of Health (Ssa ) did not cause his death, said office manager of the unit, Ruben Padilla Fierro.

    At a press conference, the official noted that even knowing of evil nurses who were facing the small, had been allowed to inject vaccines against seasonal influenza, the H1N1 and the MMR because it does not provoke any reaction.

    He reiterated that the cause of death was complications Aymar disease tetralogy of Fallot, which consists of four abnormalities that affected his heart. However, nobody said the SSA was aware of the state if the child until his death, it was staffed by a physician. He recalled that his surname Ojendis cardiologist and works at the South Hospital in Chilpancingo.

    He explained that the specialist was contacted with official after the death of the baby, and that relatives of Aymar had been notified that they had to transfer it to the National Heart Institute to start the appropriate treatment, but did not.

    "If we had known we would have gladly sent to the National Institute of Cardiology, is our role to provide people a place where they can have a solution to the problem, and I have proof that we've sent to the Institute and have already saved life people have told us. "

    He explained that the vaccines have a greater deterrent effect if applied several at once. "So we gather today to six or seven shots, and gives the body much more responsive than if applied one by one, so that the amount of vaccine is not about in the most absolute."

    He explained that if vaccines cause any negative effects for reactions such as headache and high temperature, among others. He said the youngest was a good candidate to receive the drug, because it was in the high-risk population sector.

    Padilla Fierro said that the report which drew up the Ssa detailed Aymar's mother went to his house located in Palo Blanco, Chilpancingo, without any problem, reiterating that there was no cause and effect relationship between the application of vaccines and the death of the girl.

    He added that the SSA has not yet finished implementing the planned dose for the National Health Week and will be in the next few days when I finish this work.