Chilpancingo, on February 11. In less than two weeks, seven more cases were brought of influenza A-H1N1, since until this Friday there was a record of 16 persons infected with the virus, the secretary of Health confirmed in Warrior, L?zaro Maz?n Alonso. In press conference, the state official informed that between these 16 cases there is that of the death of teacher of Cendi Rosaura Shoe. It detailed that Acapulco has six cases brought; Chilpancingo, five; It is equal, four, and Earth Warms only one. With 16 persons with the virus of A-H1N1, Warrior places in the place national 21 as for the number of cases; nevertheless, he made sure that for being a seasonal illness, ? it is foreseen that in two or in three weeks it will diminish his presence of a considerable way ?.