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City of Mexico registers 17 deaths and 509 cases of A H1N1

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  • City of Mexico registers 17 deaths and 509 cases of A H1N1

    A whole of 509 cases of influenza A H1N1 registers the city of Mexico to the date, said today the secretary of health of the capital Armando Ahued.

    Of the whole of cases there are 17 deaths, added Ahued.

    It exhibited that up to the moment 800 thousand vaccines have been applied and that 34 modules of vaccination remain in the system of collective transport meter.

    He said that the registered cases are inside the awaited thing due to the winter period and assured that the dependency that heads account with 6 thousand treatments of tamifl?.

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    Re: City of Mexico registers 17 deaths and 509 cases of A H1N1

    In what it goes of the year there have registered 544 cases of influenza of which 510 correspond to that of type A H1N1 and 20 persons have died. The Direction of Alertness and Epidemiologic Intelligence of the Federal District realized a balance on the situation that obtains related to the number of registered cases of influenza. It was brought that the majority of the cases have registered in the hospitals that the of the capital administration controls, with 259 cases of which 244 were carrying A H1N1, of which five deaths registered. In case of the IMSS, there registered 145 cases, of which 140 correspond to the influenza A H1N1 and 16 persons died. In the ISSSTE there are brought 39 cases of which 31 are of the same type and a decease. In other institutions they threw 101 cases, of which only six belonged to another different vine-stock. It is necessary to emphasize that in the balance realized by the organism of the capital of the Republic, they are linked by persons who already took chronic sufferings as a renal insufficiency, hypertension, obesity, diabetes or nicotinism.