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Colima reported 162 cases of influenza in 2012
According to reports in the state did not register any death from influenza

Colima, Colima | Wednesday January 2, 2013
Alfredo Quiles / Correspondent | The Universal

During the year just ended in the state of Colima were a total of 162 cases of influenza, of which 153 correspond to serotype H1N1, five of serotype A and 4 more type A H3 N2 as the headline announced of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the State Government, Agust?n Lara Esqueda.

Reported that according to reports from the Department of Epidemiology of the Federal Ministry of Health reports that "Colima is the only state in the country where there was not any death during the 2012 influenza, this reports obtained until 27 December.

According to the same reports, nationally there have been a total of 307 deaths, of which 257 were caused by serotype A H1N1 and the remaining 50 by other viruses.

According to that information Jalisco and Nuevo Leon are entities where more cases occurred last year with 684 each, followed by Mexico, with 653, 635 and Quer?taro to Mexico City with 587.

He noted that the most important part of preventing influenza is vaccination, so it continues to apply for free at the health units of the state, primarily to high-risk groups, where there are children under 5 years and adults aged 50 to 59 years and children 5-9 years, pregnant women and people with HIV.

The dose of this vaccine also apply to adults 60 years and older and health personnel of medical units, he said.