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The cause of new outbreaks in Cihapas & Yucatan

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  • The cause of new outbreaks in Cihapas & Yucatan


    Google translation:

    Relaxation of preventive measures and suspension, the cause
    Regrowth influenza A/H1N1 in the Yucatan and Chiapas

    Increase of 860 thousand to 2 of 88 infected cases in the peninsula

    The death toll rose from one to 12 in less than 30 days
    Of the correspondents, and Matilde P?rez and Jos? Antonio Rom?n

    Relaxation, and in some cases the suspension of preventive measures to combat influenza A/H1N1, fostered the resurgence of the disease, especially in Yucatan and Chiapas, where cases of people infected rose during July at the first entity 860 to 2 mil 88-also the number of deaths rose from one to 12 in less than 30 days, and territory in Chiapas, 510 to 2 thousand 694 thousand, representing increases of 242 and 78 percent respectively.

    The head of the Secretariat of Health (SSA) federal Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, said Monday that the flu is not out of control, and even in Chiapas have been reduced new admissions to hospitals, seriously ill and recovering.

    According to sources inside the Ssa Yucatan, every day is documented 12 cases of suspected influenza, of which eight were confirmed to 10.

    This does not prevent massive sports and cultural meetings, rallies or party that, according to informants, are not suspended for reasons of image and politics, an attitude reinforced by the same C?rdova Villalobos, who made a tour in the Yucatan, and said last July 17 that "there is no lock, appropriate hygienic measures for the disease will not control."

    Similar situations and attitudes are in Chiapas. "There was an exponential growth of infection, partly because the state government lowered the duty from the outset to minimize the epidemic, even denying their existence," said Gilberto G?mez Maza, pediatrician Chiapas Prize for his medical work.

    For his part, Victor Hugo Ruiz Zavaleta, secretary of Health and Safety of the National Union of Workers of the Health Sector in Chiapas, the state government felt that seeks to recover the economic activity comes from tourism, so it minimizes the impact and progress of influenza.

    The Government's attitude is completely opposite of Campeche. To halt the advance of the flu, the Health Ministry launched eight state seals on its border with Yucatan, Tabasco and Quintana Roo, where we review those seeking access to the entity in order to detect symptoms of the disease.

    This took effect from April to date have only been documented in Campeche 61 confirmed cases of human influenza, and one killed, highlighted the state secretary of health, ?lvaro Arceo Ortiz. Anticipated that a report of evil in the upcoming winter season, and warned that they take preventive measures in the state.
    At the Center for Chemical Analysis of Chiapas a farmacobi?loga a blood sample possibly strains of human influenza A/H1N1 virus. Arrive at the center of all the samples that are generated in the state, which received 150 diariasFoto Moyses Zuniga Santiago

    Tabasco also kept in preventive measures, including suspending the Feria Tabasco 2009, postponed from April to August, and now, by order of the Governor Andres Granier Melo, and not be made. The president argued that in previous editions, the fair came to collect a 170 thousand people daily, and this concentration could be a factor in a resurgence of the disease.

    Between April and the first half of July there were 718 confirmed cases in Tabasco, and a week later, on July 24, the number of patients rose to 805, according to the latest figures, issued by the agency official.

    In San Luis Potosi, one of the states hardest hit during the influenza outbreak in April and May, were found during July 155 new cases in the Huasteca region, especially in Ciudad Valles, and the death of a woman from Tamaulipas, who came to the grave entity. However, SSA maintained its level of alert, unlike the authorities in Ciudad Valles, where social activities were canceled and was imposed to hold religious services outdoors.

    For its part, the Ministry of Health of Mexico requested the Archbishop of Guadalajara to avoid giving communion in the mouth, and no longer inviting the faithful to give the greeting of peace. Currently, Mexico is the fourth highest number of people have been infected by the virus A/H1N1.

    Meanwhile, before the outbreak of influenza in several states, the International Airport of Mexico City remained alert and sanitary measures, camera body temperature of passengers, and the application of questionnaires, mainly to travelers who arrive at the country's capital, said the director of the airport, Hector Velazquez Corona.

    In this context, the owner of Health Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, said Monday in Mexico City that the warning by the A/H1N1 virus has not been removed, and influenza is not out of control, although in some cases appear the country.

    Interviewed after the presentation of the Mexican Network for Monitoring of Genetically Modified Organisms, said that Mexico is a time to prepare a strategy to face an outbreak of influenza.

    (Luis A. Boffil, Angeles Mariscal, Lorenzo Chim Ren? A. Lopez, Edith Arg?elles, Juan Carlos G. Partida, Mart?n S?nchez, and Agust?n Rubicela Morelos Galo)