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By April influenza will be controlled

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  • By April influenza will be controlled

    By April influenza will be controlled: Alejandro Macias

    EFE | National Saturday, January 2, 2010 | Creation Time: 23:45 | Last updated: 00:15

    The Health Secretariat (SSA) hopes that by April the country is controlled by the condition pandemic influenza virus H1N1, according to the National Commissioner for the Prevention and Control of Influenza dependency Alejandro Macias.

    "The World Health Organization (WHO) has just made clear that the pandemic will remain for a whole year. But I think that in Mexico the pandemic will be resolved around March or April," he said in an interview to EFE.

    He noted that based on the curve of evolution of the disease in recent months in Mexico, as we were first with the virus, we are the first to go. He said that until Dec. 23 the country registered 68 thousand 123 infections and 823 deaths, this latter represents about eight percent of the total reported by WHO.

    The specialist from the National Nutrition Institute said that from April Mexico will decrease and only sporadic cases within expectations of what is known as endemic channels.

    "It is a good desire, but I think it is well grounded in how things have evolved," he added.

    This early departure from the situation, he added, is not necessarily going to other countries since, at the virus came much later. "They will still have an entry in cases much higher," he said.

    At this time the disease remains an epidemic, "where cases have subsided a bit and where we are expecting a revival in January and February.

    However, referred, as being very positive, in the country said there is "a health system saturated in the critical units" of patient care they have received in recent months, the most serious cases.

    "I hope that after April have to disappear and the post of National Commissioner for Influenza. I do not think it will be necessary. Let's go to the usual situation, seasonal, endemic," he concluded.