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Mexico, 'immune' to the virus H1N1: Ssa

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  • Mexico, 'immune' to the virus H1N1: Ssa

    Mexico, 'immune' to the virus H1N1: Ssa
    By: El Universal / MEXICO CITY.
    Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova Villalobos, said the number of influenza infections is lower than expected and this may be that Mexico could gain some "immunity" to the H1N1 virus.

    In a radio interview the head of the Ministry of Health (SSA) said the country is ready for this month and worst case scenarios have not been met.

    "The number of cases is lower than expected and although we are tracking just 10 per cent, according to World Health Organization have little income to hospitals compared with the beginning of the year, now only remains to be seen in mid - December and January are months still very cold, "he said.

    Fortunately Cordova Villalobos stressed that forecasts have not been met and that the first waves of influenza, there were more people in contact with the virus, so that "in some way (the population) could have acquired some immunity, although this has not been been measured, but is the only explanation we give. "

    Cordova Villalobos said that "it is possible that the Mexicans (who) had contact with the virus and immunized us, a situation that is not happening in other countries, as in Europe are what we in the month of April, Ukraine, France and Spain are the countries with more incidents.

    "Mexico is behaving in a manner atypical of the countries that are entering for the first time the virus, when you already made contact with a virus can acquire resistance in addition to the care actions to clean up the society,"