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Mexico: In 2 days, 6 died of A/H1N1

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  • Mexico: In 2 days, 6 died of A/H1N1

    Google translation:

    Maximum alert in Veracruz, about bus terminals
    2 days in the recovery of A/H1N1 causing six deaths in three states
    Luis A. Boffil G?mez, Angeles Mariscal, Javier Santos, Julia Antoinette Le Duc, Timothy Andres Octavio Velez Ascencio and Morales, correspondents

    The upturn in influenza A/H1N1 killed four people in the Yucatan, one in Bahia de Banderas, Nayarit, and one in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, while spreading the health emergency in several regions of the country and resume deployments to prevent medical spread of the virus, calling on people to keep calm, avoid panic and extreme measures of hygiene.

    In Yucat?n, health authorities reported four deaths in 48 hours, bringing the total of 12 fatalities. In addition, major public hospitals in 32 Persons with serious physical deterioration were detected 44 new infections for 2 thousand totalize 60, federal health brigades and assist in the monitoring and prevention.

    Yucat?n remains in third place (for the number of cases) after the City, where more than 2 thousand 100 patients, and Chiapas, which recorded 2 thousand 400. In the latter, despite recommendations to control the federal authorities in Tuxtla Gutierrez set a fast soccer tournaments Friday and Saturday, a few meters from the clinics installed in the central park, where it meets the people affected by the virus.

    In Chiapas, with 96 people hospitalized, the government announced that it will pay 35 pesos per day for each patient receiving intensive care in private hospitals, medical institutions, but questioned the extent such expenditures as "serve to recruit specialized personnel and equip subutlizadas intensive care units. "

    In Nayarit, where 158 patients, confirmed that he died last Wednesday in the Bay of Banderas a girl 12 years, which had a picture of flu that was to become worse pneumonia, according to state Health Department.

    In turn Tamaulipas authorities reported that a woman of 34 years ended in the Civil Hospital of Reynosa, which added five deaths, there are 205 people infected, it started the health alert and filters were installed in review the bus from the municipality.

    In Mexico there are 31 people hospitalized, eight of them serious. In addition there are 29 new cases for a total of 829 with five deaths, while in Veracruz health jurisdictions and 5-8-covering 47 municipalities declared "high alert" and surrounded bus terminals.