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Mexico: Reported in this winter 126 deaths from influenza

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  • Mexico: Reported in this winter 126 deaths from influenza

    Since the start of the winter season, October 15 2013 and until January 9 of 2014, there were 130 deaths in the country, 126 from influenza, three by poisoning and one by hypothermia, informed the Secretariat of Health. The federal agency, she stressed that the 2013 occurred 126 deaths (only influenza), while in 2012 there were 322. Of them 69 were caused by the Influenza A/H1N1, while in 2012 were 266, which meant a reduction of 74 percent. In total the number of confirmed influenza in the year that concluded was 3 thousand 422 cases, while in 2012 there were 8 thousand 204, of which it is infected as influenza A/H1N1 thousand 008 cases, compared with 5 thousand 090 in 2012, which represents a decrease of 83.4 percent. In this season, the deaths from poisoning were recorded, two in Chihuahua and one in Sonora; in both the death by hypothermia was recorded in Puebla. The frequency of acute respiratory infections typically increases during the cold season, so it is predictable that they will be able to increase the number of cases of these diseases, including seasonal influenza, in the next few weeks. Since the 1? and up to the January 9 of 2014 was confirmed 93 cases of influenza: 21 cases by the influenza A virus (23 percent); 69 cases by AH1N1 (74 percent); one for influenza B (1 percent); one by AH3N2 (1 percent), and in one case (1 percent) did not achieve the subtype of the virus. Also, it was registered a death confirmed by influenza A/H1N1, in the state of Jalisco.