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Man dies from dengue

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  • Man dies from dengue


    Man dies from dengue

    Friday, October 23 2009

    PREMDATH BALKARAN died on Wednesday at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital (PoSGH) days after showing symptoms of what appeared to be a ?normal virus?. His death certificate listed his death as due to dengue and pneumonia.

    In an interview at Balkaran?s Bootan Lane, Don Miguel Road, San Juan home, his wife of one year, Jovanna Balkaran said he got what was thought to be the flu last week and became weak as he was not eating properly.

    Balkaran was taken to a private medical facility in East Trinidad where blood tests indicated he had dengue fever.
    Mrs Balkaran said her 28-year-old husband was given two bags of drips and prescribed Panadeine and the family given a choice to take him home or keep him hospitalised. They were told that there was little more that could be done.

    Premdath, a self-employed electrician and gardener was taken to a private facility in West Trinidad and spent one day hospitalised. He was transferred on Sunday afternoon to PoSGH. She said the last conversation with her husband was when he was on a stretcher waiting to be warded. He asked her what he could have done so wrong in life that he was paying with suffering. Balkaran died shortly after.

    ?He never had heart problems. He was healthy. It is not even a week and he passed away. It is not fair,? said Balkaran. She is confused why a swab would be taken for Influenza A/H1N1 since tests confirmed dengue.
    Last rites for Premdath Balkaran will take place today at his home and then his body will be taken to the cremation site in Waterloo.