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Saturday came with a respiratory condition
Baby died in a shelter Petare
The Health Minister Eugenia Sader said that in 14 days there have been no epidemics among the 124 thousand people are in shelters in the country

Sunday December 12, 2010 3:39 PM
Caracas .- The Minister of Health, Eugenia Sader, reported that a six month old baby died in the spotlight William Lara, located in La Urbina, in the municipality of Sucre.

The little victim and his family came to the limelight on Saturday, said the official, who added he had "basal bronchopneumonia and pneumonia and the night was respiratory failure," as quoted by official media and reviewed by Union Radio.

"The little creature had respiratory failure was treated by paramedics and taken immediately to hospital Pérez de León, which comes with vital signs, but does stop breathing and die," said Sader.

He added that "the hostel offers medical care 24 hours a day, medicines, equipment and two ambulances, and is 100 meters Perez de Leon Hospital."

Sader said that "we have 14 days to 124 000 people live in shelters and have no recorded epidemic," he says.