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Dominican Republic: Pathology study finds abnormalities in 42% of stomach biopsies

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  • Dominican Republic: Pathology study finds abnormalities in 42% of stomach biopsies

    Google translation:
    Strange faces disease medicine specialists
    By News WITHOUT 12/06/2013 1 Comment

    SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic. - The complaint made ​​by pathologists on a stomach disease that has tested positive in 42 percent of biopsies performed in one study has caused reactions between doctors and health sector authorities.

    Given the claim that stomach conditions could be being caused by substances that are ingesting the Dominicans, Pro consumer contacted explained that Public Health to investigate whether this is really bromide, dyes, among others.

    Although pathologists claim that people should not normally present condition gastroenterologists neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia differ on the subject

    According to one of the authors of the study, dr. Caminero Joaquin damages in the patient could be gastritis ulcer polyp and cancer.

    The gastroenterologist Alberto Santana says that while it is true that there are substances and drugs that interfere with the proper levels of these cells when they are treated by a doctor the risks of incurring serious illness are minimal.

    The use of heartburn drugs indiscriminately favors also inhibited natural stomach acid and therefore condition occurs that pathologists warn.
    This looks like a discussion by experts including at least one study author:
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