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Dominican Republic: Covid-19 cases - 102,232cases; 1,941 deaths

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    Coronavirus in DR: death toll rises to 42 and confirmed cases 901
    Marisol Aquino - Santo Domingo 03/30/2020, 11:08 AM
    $! Coronavirus in DR: death toll rises to 42 and confirmed cases 901

    The confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the Dominican Republic increased to 901, of which 42 have died, the Ministry of Public Health reported in its bulletin number 11 this Monday. 470 of the confirmed cases are men, for 52 percent, whose age Average is 60 years.

    Compared with the data offered yesterday, it increased to 42 new cases, for a decrease in the last 24 hours; the deaths was 3 more than the one reported yesterday, which was 39.

    42 percent of the infected cases occurred in the National District; Santo Domingo, 12 percent; Santiago 11 percent and the province 10 percent.

    In relation to deaths, 76 percent are men; 56 percent of the deaths occurred in the Duarte province.


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      By: Drafting Process - Tuesday, March 31, 2020
      Deaths from Covid-19 amount to 51 in the Dominican Republic

      SANTO DOMINGO.-The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, reported on Tuesday that there are 51 deaths from the coronavirus in the Dominican Republic, while positive cases amount to 1109, of which 127 were hospitalized and five received medical discharge

      The official stated that 42 percent are located in the National District and that 76 percent were male.

      He said that nine people have died in the National District.

      Sánchez Cárdenas said that 24 suspected cases are waiting to be confirmed.

      The Minister of Public Health said that 81 new cases were detected in the National District, in Azua seven cases, in Bahoruco at zero, Barahona three cases, Dajabón remains at zero, Duarte four new cases, 94 accumulated with 22 deaths.

      Elias Piña and Seibo at zero, Espaillat seven new cases with a total of 22, Independence zero new case. La Altagracia 29 cases without deaths. La Romana had no new cases 21, La Vega 17 new cases for 65 with a new death.

      María Trinidad Sánchez two new cases, and a new death. Montecristi zero new case an accumulated case with zero death. Pedernales zero new case a cumulative case with zero death. Zero Peravia, Puerto Plata 28 accumulated without deaths.

      Mirabal Sisters eleven new cases without deaths. Samana accumulated twelve without new deaths. San Juan zero new case five accumulated and two accumulated deaths. San Pedro de Macorís, 18 accumulated and three deaths, San Crisitobal thirteen cases with two deaths.

      Sanchez Ramirez a new case ten accumulated with two accumulated deaths.

      Santiago 25 new cases, 122 accumulated and two deaths. Santiago Rodriguez two accumulated no death.

      Valverde two new cases, four accumulated. Monsignor Nouel eight new cases, 19 accumulated and two deaths.

      Monte Plata no deaths. Hato Mayor three cases, San Jose de Ocoa at zero. Santo Domingo 145 cases with zero new deaths, with five accumulated.

      In summary, 208 new cases were detected for a total of 1109, with nine deaths and a cumulative of 51 deaths.


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        Latin Press]
        Wednesday April 1, 2020
        The Dominican Republic reports 57 deaths and 1,284 Covid-19 infections
        Santo Domingo, Apr 1 (Prensa Latina) The number of deaths in the Dominican Republic from the new Covid-19 coronavirus rose to 57 today, while the positive cases reached 1,284, reported today the Minister of Public Health, Rafael Sánchez.

        As for the infected, 147 are in hospital isolation and 1,171 in the same status, but in their homes.

        Of the total confirmed, the average age is 45 years and 2,418 were discarded.

        The provinces with the highest number of infections are the National District (520), Santo Domingo (168), Santiago (138), Duarte (101) and La Vega (84).

        In the case of the deceased, the average age is 62 years, 77 percent are men, who as a history had long-standing chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

        Of the reported deaths, 23 correspond to the Duarte province; 11 to the National District; six to Santo Domingo; three to San Pedro de Macorís; two to La Vega, San Juan, Sánchez Ramírez and Santiago, and one per capita to El Seibo, María Trinidad Sánchez, San Cristóbal, Samaná, Monseñor Nouel and Monte Plata.


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          Deaths from COVID-19 in DR rise to 60 and confirmed cases rise to 1,380
          There are three more deaths than those released yesterday
          Confirmed cases increase to 96
          Marisol Aquino - Santo Domingo 04/02/2020, 10:54 AM

          Deaths from coronavirus in the Dominican Republic increased to 60, while confirmed cases are 1,380, the Ministry of Public Health reported.

          The mean age of the deceased is 62 years and 80 percent are men, that is 48 of the total dead.

          The deaths are three more than those reported yesterday and the new confirmed cases are 96, while on Wednesday 175 were announced.

          66 percent of the suspects were ruled out in the tests.

          At a press conference, the Minister of Health, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, also reported that six other patients have been discharged after exceeding the disease.

          I know it's about two Venezuelan women, 20 years old; an 8-year-old Ukrainian; two Dominicans, 80 and 50 years old; and a Canadian.

          Likewise, it reported that 2,638 suspicious cases were discarded through laboratory tests.

          Most of the cases confirmed by coronavirus are distributed in four provinces, with the National District being the most affected district with 535 cases (39%), followed by Santo Domingo, which records 190 cases (14%) ...


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            Updated April 3, 2020

            Country-Specific Information:
            • The Dominican Republic has 1,488 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 68 confirmed deaths.
            • Flights to the U.S. are available through Jet Blue and Delta. Book flights directly through and U.S. citizens who wish to depart the Dominican Republic should do so immediately or be prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period.
            • The Dominican Republic has put in place a number of measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 including:
                • A national curfew that prohibits all traffic and movement of people from 5pm to 6am.
                • Creation of a national hotline for questions relating to COVID-19 if you have been exposed or are experiencing severe symptoms. Call *462 for further instructions, but note that English-speaking operators are limited.
                • Cruise arrivals have been suspended at all ports and coasts.
                • Public transportation, including buses, shared minibuses (guaguas), metro trains, and cable cars have suspended services, limiting the public’s ability to move freely in urban areas.
                • Events and public gatherings of all kinds suspended.
            “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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              Dominican because of coronavirus
              Agencia EFE By: Agencia EFE
              Santo Domingo
              April 4, 2020

              The number of deaths in the Dominican Republic from the coronavirus rose to 77 people, while 1,578 are infected, the Ministry of Public Health announced in its latest bulletin this Saturday.

              The information specified that nine more people died from the virus in the last 24 hours and 90 new cases were registered, while 17 of those infected recovered and 2,964 cases have been ruled out by the authorities.

              The highest proportion of confirmed cases have occurred in the National District with 40%, followed by the Santo Domingo province (14%); Santiago (north, with 12%); Duarte (northeast, 7%) and La Vega (north, 6%).

              However, the Duarte province continues to be the demarcation where the highest number of deaths has occurred, with 24; the province of Santo Domingo, 12, and the National District, 11.

              Of the total infected, 36 correspond to health personnel asserted the authorities, who also reported that 56% of infections are recorded in men, a percentage that rises to 78% in terms of deaths.

              Other data provided by Public Health establishes that 17% of the deceased so far had a history of high blood pressure and diabetes.

              The only two of the 32 Dominican provinces in which no cases of COVID-19 have been registered are Elías Piña (west, bordering Haiti) and San José de Ocoa (south).

              Dominican President Danilo Medina decreed last Thursday the extension of the curfew in force in the country for 15 more days, as a preventive measure for the coronavirus.

              The curfew has been in force since March 20 and currently applies from 5:00 p.m. (9:00 p.m. GMT) to 6:00 a.m. (10:00 a.m. GMT) the following day.

              In addition, the Government extended the decision to close the country's borders by air, sea and land for another 15 days, in addition to expressly prohibiting citizens from moving to beaches, rivers or spas at Easter.

              Since mid-March, teaching in schools has been suspended, as well as in universities. The circulation of the Santo Domingo Metro and Cable Car was also prohibited, as well as transportation to and from the capital and between the provinces.


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                Recovered from COVID-19 are already 17 in the Dominican Republic
                The Republic Sunday, April 5, 2020

                Santo Domingo, RD

                The Minister of Public Health, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, said that the number of patients who were discharged from the Ramón de Lara hospital, affected by coronavirus, rose to 24.

                He said that there were seven new citizens discharged and that the problem of the cure of patients continues to be solved, including the Canadian citizen, which was the first case detected in the country, after the Italian one.

                In bulletin number 17, the minister said that there were 1,747 confirmed cases in the country and 82 deaths.

                In total in the country, 17 people have recovered from the disease, according to the latest bulletin, released this Sunday morning by the Public Health authorities.


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                  They increase to 1,828 cases of coronavirus in the Dominican Republic

                  Santo Domingo, RD

                  The Minister of Public Health, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, reports that those infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 increased to 1,828, of which 83 are new cases

                  In a press conference broadcast online, the minister said that the fatalities increased to 86.

                  Of the infected 1,481 are in home isolation and 228 in hospital.

                  According to place of residence, 38 percent is in the National District; 15 percent in Santo Domingo; 11 percent in Santiago; 8 percent in Duarte and 6 percent in La Vega.

                  In the past four weeks, COVID-19 positivity in processed samples was 33 percent.

                  In relation to deaths, 78 percent correspond to men. The median age of the deceased is 62 years with a history of high blood pressure, diabetes and bronchial asthma.

                  By place of residence, deaths correspond mainly to 30 percent (26) in Duarte; 16 percent (13) to the National District; 15 percent (14) to Santo Domingo and 9 percent (8) in Santiago, representing 71 percent.

                  According to bulletin number 17, the infected were 1,745; the dead 82; 17 recovered and 3,438 discarded.

                  The first case of coronavirus registered in the country was that of an Italian who entered the national territory on February 22, through the La Romana international airport.

                  So far, three laboratories have been certified to test for coronavirus in the country.

                  Since last Friday, April 3, the curfew period resumed, from 5:00 in the afternoon to 6:00 in the morning, for fifteen days.

                  The Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo, reported that during the extension of the curfew for 15 days, travel to the interior of the country is prohibited, except for the transport of essential goods.


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                    Dominican Republic reaches 98 deaths from the new coronavirus
                    Published on April 7, 2020 (5 hours 36 minutes ago)
                    The state of emergency was extended to reach 25 days, as it expired on March 17.

                    The Dominican Republic registered 98 deaths and 1,956 infections with the new coronavirus on Tuesday, according to the Ministry of Public Health.

                    Of the infected, 241 are in hospital isolation and 1,581 in the same status, but in their homes. Also, 3,864 people have been discarded after carrying out the screening test.

                    Of the total confirmed, 55 percent are male and range from one year to 90. As for the deceased, they increased by 12 in the last 24 hours. Of these, seven were in Duarte, two in the National District and one in La Vega, another in Peravia and a third in Sánchez Ramírez.

                    According to the report, the provinces with the highest number of infected are: National District (723), Santo Domingo (314), Santiago (245) and Duarte (141).

                    During the last weeks, the Dominican Government implements several measures to counter the advance of Covid-19 in the country. Among them is the 15-day extension of the curfew that is in effect from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (local time).

                    In this regard, the Minister of the Presidency, Gustavo Montalvo, reported that during the extension of the period travel to the interior of the country is prohibited, except for the transport of essential goods.


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                      Coronavirus deaths in DR rise to 108; confirmed cases are 2,111

                      SANTO DOMINGO .- The Minister of Public Health, Rafael Sánchez Cárdenas, reported today that deaths from coronavirus in the country increased to 108, while confirmed cases rose to 2,111.

                      Of these cases, 273 are in hospital isolation, while 1,680 are in home isolation.

                      So far 50 patients have recovered from the disease, of which 60% corresponds to the National District, 8% to the Duarte, Santiago and Santo Domingo province, respectively.

                      Of the confirmed cases, 61 correspond to health personnel, of which 64% correspond to the National District and Greater Santo Domingo. 54% are women with ages between 30-39 years.

                      The Minister of Health urged the population to stay in recollection during Easter to avoid contagion by coronavirus.
                      “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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                        2349 cases; 118 deaths:


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                          2,620 cases; 126 deaths:


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                            Dominican Republic confirmed cases at 2,620.
                            “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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                              PUERTO PLATA.- Two men residing in the Sabaneta municipal district of Yásica, died today as a result of COVID-19, both of whom had been hospitalized for several days at the Ricardo Limardo University Teaching Hospital in this city.

                              The first to expire was the major of the National Police Luis Alberto Peralta Guerrero, who commanded the crew of the Sabaneta de Yásica uniforms, who was admitted to the public hospital of “La Novia del Atlántico” after presenting symptoms of the Coronavirus.

                              Also, in the isolation area of ​​the aforementioned State healthcare center, the driver Carmelo López Polanco, who was driving a school bus, died in that town located in the eastern part of the province of Puerto Plata.

                              According to López Polanco’s wife, his spouse died as a result of COVID-19 since he had more than a week in the hospital with symptoms of that condition in the area enabled for Coronavirus patients at the Ricardo Limardo Hospital.

                              Given this situation, the authorities of the Ministry of Public Health reported that 52 positive cases of COVID-19 have been registered in Puerto Plata province, for an increase of 10 new cases, now with these two deaths.
                              “The only security we have is our ability to adapt."


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                                COVID-19: Deaths in DR now number 135, but fatality remains at 5%
                       Services | April 11, 2020 | 3:28 pm

                                SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic.- COVID-19 has killed 135 people in the Dominican Republic out of 2,759 confirmed cases, which shows that fatality continues at almost 5% (exactly 4.89%), according to bulletin number 23 released this Saturday by the Ministry of Public Health.

                                This official report, which records the national impact of this coronavirus until 6:00 p.m. on Friday, reports that 108 people have been cured of this disease.

                                Also that in total 8,469 diagnostic tests or tests have been carried out in the country, of which a great majority (5,710 tests, 67.4%) have given negative results; that is, discarded cases of COVID-19, with which the positivity in the samples processed in the last four weeks is 32.6%.

                                Of the total affected, 357 are in hospital isolation and 2,159 in home isolation.

                                In relation to deaths, 79% correspond to men who had pre-existing diseases such as high blood pressure (21%), diabetes (20%) and bronchial asthma (3%).

                                33% of these deaths occurred in the Duarte province, 18% in Santo Domingo, 13% in the National District, 6% in Santiago, 5% in Hermanas Mirabal, 4% in San Pedro de Macorís and other 4% in La Vega, according to official data.

                                Regarding the infected, the accumulated incidence rate is higher in the National District (84.9), Duarte (84.3), Hermanas Mirabal (48.8), Monseñor Nouel (41.9), La Vega (39.4) and Santiago (33.5).