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Nabarro - H5N1- "Worrisome speed"

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  • Nabarro - H5N1- "Worrisome speed"

    Babelfish from Spanish:

    The bird influenza continues propagating to more countries "at a worrisome speed", today noticed the coordinator of the UN it bird influenza, David Nabarro, that asked for more financing for the preparation of zones like Africa or Latin America, as well as for the organisms of United Nations in charge of the control of the possible pandemic.
    In an encounter with journalists after a special meeting on the bird influenza of the Economic Council and Social (ECOSOC), celebrated in Geneva, Nabarro it affirmed that the disease has been scattered to 32 countries in six months. Nabarro also emphasized that an important progress in the international plans for the containment of virus H5N1 has taken place, cause of the disease, as well as in the medicine provision. On the other hand, it was sorry that little money has been dedicated to the prevention programs, although in a recent encounter celebrated in Beijing 2,000 million dollars have been asked for about. In this sense, Nabarro it aimed that the number would have greater to be given the nature of the emergency, since we are before a possible pandemic of bird influenza. "I know that there is a serious fight in Cameroun, Burkina Ditch, and other countries of the south of Africa, from where a call has been made soliciing the international support and plans of financing. In a word, we needed money for two areas. Money for the countries and of course, money for the specialized agencies of the UN ", emphasized. At the present time, and according to numbers that the World-wide Organization of the Health advanced in that same encounter (the WHO), the disease has arrived already at about 60 countries. While, the attached chief of a main directorate of the Organization of Nations United for Agriculture and the Feeding (the FAO), David Harcharik, limited that while the threat of bird influenza has been managed successfully to control in western Europe and great part of the Asian Southeastern, it continues extending by Africa, where it will continue being a threat during the next years. "In most of the cases, the places in which the bird influenza has made its appearance the international community and the affected countries we have been able to stop the root epidemic", assured. But "the bird influenza represents a constant threat and we must prepare us to fight it during years", said, indicating that the disease still supposes a reason for preoccupation in Indonesia and continues its expansion in Africa, in where exists the risk of which it becomes endemic in diverse countries. Harcharik mentioned the difficulties to apply the suitable measures of control, among them the animal sacrifice, the payment of compensations to the farmers and the control on the movements of birds in the African countries. Another complication represents the illicit commerce of poultries. "We will continue being in danger while that type of commerce with more rigorous official veterinary services does not stop of effective form, and we do not obtain one better monitoring, emergency measures, diagnosis and information on the new cases", it emphasized. The representative of the FAO insisted that it is imperative to act of fast form and decisive to stop the bird influenza in where wants that it appears, since while virus H5N1 follows in circulation, he will continue being a threat for the international community.