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Patarroyo claims to have malaria vaccine 100% effective

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  • Patarroyo claims to have malaria vaccine 100% effective
    Spanish to English translation

    Patarroyo claims to have malaria vaccine 100% effective

    All the scientist develops vaccines have the prefix 'Col' of Colombia, to exalt the name of your country. (Photo: AFP / LEADING LIBERAL)

    Colombian scientist Manuel Elkin Patarroyo said he has listed the enhanced version of the vaccine against malaria, Colfavac, which is effective for more than 100%.
    "We have a method to stop the parasite of malaria in the two levels before it reaches the liver, and before it reaches the red blood cells. That makes a fully effective vaccine, "said Patarroyo.

    The announcement was made at a talk he gave tolimense scientific youth of the Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito, under ECIciencia event in Bogota.

    The scientist said that the results have been effective so far only monkeys, like 'aotus "who develop malaria in a similar way as humans. In 2012 is expected to begin clinical trials Patarroyo people, a process that could last two years.

    "After that we planned to do a consortium, there are people interested in participating for us to produce and distribute the vaccine free or at cost of production, as are magnates and philanthropists who have chosen to maintain their anonymity," he said.

    The research results will be published this week in the journal Current Medicinal Chemistry, a major release of chemical medicine in the world.

    The idea is that Patarroyo methodology used to discover the malaria vaccine serves to develop vaccines against over 500 infectious diseases. All immunizations will have the prefix 'Col' in Colombia, according to the scientist to exalt the name of your country.

    "We wanted that all vaccines carry the prefix 'Col' meaning Colombia for people to know that we Colombians who solved the problem of malaria, tuberculosis, dengue and so the credit is granted and recognition of the country, "he said.


    Manuel Elkin Patarroyo knew from his nine years who wanted to dedicate his life to the development of vaccines. After reading stories about the life of Louis Pasteur and his work as a chemist and bacteriologist, the Tolima decided to follow the steps to the French scientist, but with a different methodology.

    Patarroyo has pioneered work chemically vaccines, a challenge within the scientific community. It was the first to develop a malaria vaccine under schemes molecular, a result that introduced the world to the late 80's.

    The vaccine showed an effectiveness between 40% and 60% in adults and 77% in young children. However, Patarroyo continued working to find ways to ensure 100% immunity to all people.

    After many studies he and his team found a way to block the effect of the parasite in the human body to prevent shred the red blood cells, how the organism can end the life of the person in weeks .

    One of the reasons that the scientist has had to devote his life to the study of a malaria vaccine is that this disease is a major public health problems worldwide. Each year there are 500 000 new cases of malaria, of which 3 million die.

    Malaria is part of a group of infectious diseases, more than 500, which annually kill 17 million people worldwide. Deaths could be avoided if there is a vaccine to counter its effect. Only 13 of these diseases have a shot the rest, says Patarroyo, is a pending task for scientists today