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Director of the hospital denied: the patient's condition was dangerous
Hasten the death of breathing apparatus in emergency arrival King Fahd

April 22, 2013

Amr peace (Jeddah)

Sources Okaz that the newcomer died last evening in an emergency, King Fahd Hospital in Jeddah for not being able to help him with artificial respiration device.
The sources pointed out that the emergency hospital received yesterday evening through the Red Crescent and newcomer Asian suffers from hypertension, headache, severe and due to the intensity of patients in the emergency could not patient to get a bed, and two hours after entering the emergency was performed CT scan of the situation and found that he was suffering from bleeding in the brain and needs to the respirator by device (Ventelitor) whose existence can not be in the new tower emergency.
The sources pointed out that the patient died after 3 hours of hospital admission.

For his part, denied for ?Okaz? Dr. Salem باسلامة director of King Fahd Hospital patient's death due to lack of respirator, said ?there is a device for each bed in an emergency, but could not get a bed there are alternatives to the device, and what happened to the patient that he was in serious condition was the work necessary to him, but, God willing, and as much ?.