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Opinion: Saudi Arabia - Minister of Health Under Fire

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  • Opinion: Saudi Arabia - Minister of Health Under Fire

    This is a rant where the writer calls for the resignation of the Minister of Health citing at least 2 reasons including: a hospital error with tainted blood that gave a girl AIDS and the diagnosis of flu when the patient was experiencing kidney failure.

    machine translation

    Ministry of twins!

    Reverberated yesterday social networking sites to mock the iPad, which gave him and the Minister of Health for a child stricken 'Reham judgmental' new victim to a catastrophic error can not be forgiven or justified only through strong that shows responsibility towards this people! But it seems that this procedure is not going to happen, we are not the first in the world, and we have to bear the consequences of the third world to which we belong! Having said before that he does not minister or official resigns in our country!
    With all due respect to the Minister of Health, and whether intentional or not intended, it has insulted Riham and her family and Jazan, childhood and the Saudi citizen and rights in general which makes its value just a iPad, oh world Are Checked for the device is free of (virus) before coming girl innocent?!
    before a eleven years I wrote and I said that (health) country in crisis are very serious, and the Minister of Health would not resign even if the deterioration of the health situation more than it is now, and even if increased medical errors and devastated patient-giving some Shroud rapid or disability for life or the life that is no different from death, will not resign minister, he is staying, even if did not find references date soon to detect when a doctor converts kidney failure to influenza simple in diagnosing great!
    in 2002 published Watan newspaper report from the Ministry of Health confirmed that the ?current appropriations (ie, at the time) to the Ministry of Health enough medical insurance to the citizens in the most prestigious private hospitals!? This was more than a decade ago, how this day credits in the largest budget in the history of the Kingdom?!
    At the moment I finish writing this article aired by the Ministry of Health decisions on what happened to Riham, and, predictably, sacrificed the technician and the director of the hospital and Medical Director as scapegoats for the but slender Rams! And stayed (rams) fat T_khasv in pastures fatty unsanctioned!
    I propose the establishment of a new ministry called ?Ministry Twins? and transferred to the current health minister and is looking for a new minister of health to be able to save them from destruction!!