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Saudi Arabia - Hunting of all migratory birds is banned to prevent transmission of bird flu to humans and poultry - May 20, 2014

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  • Saudi Arabia - Hunting of all migratory birds is banned to prevent transmission of bird flu to humans and poultry - May 20, 2014

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    Interior Thzershehad fungal birds to prevent the transmission of avian influenza to humans and poultry
    On May 20, 2014 in parts of the country

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    Revealed the Ministry of Interior that the interest of the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, to preserve the wildlife in the country, have been banned hunting of all birds innate migratory of all kinds and by whatever means; and fear of transmission of bird flu to humans and poultry through hunting these birds and the friction out.

    The ministry said the ban on hunting deer, mule deer and oryx, as well as predators such as the Arabian leopard and lynx and wolf and hyena and birds of prey at different times of the year.

    And banned the "internal" catch all kinds of animals or birds within the boundaries of cities and villages in the protected areas identified by the Saudi Commission for Wildlife: the protected island or Qamari and protected cliff rosette and protected deer and protected Mhazh fishing and protected islands Knights and protected Tabik and protected free-free and protected Alkhnfah and protected synagogues Alhill veins and protected structures shows Altesah and protected and protected and protected Gandlah Nfod a long-fat and protected Jubail and Shada Mountain Top and protected Saja mother catamaran.
    And prevented the ministry of fishing in all its forms and methods in the area of ​​the Empty Quarter, which is bounded on the east and south boundary line of the Kingdom with neighboring countries, and to the south-west and west road Almesflt between the deposit and the village of FAO, and the north central region of the Salwa to butter to his pen Ndakkan to Beer Fadel to sweat Qasba to the vein to Blida to Alqguans even village FAO.
    The ministry of interior that must of practiced fishing near the areas referred to the nearest province or any government center so as not to fall under the system, and added that the periods of hunting lizard this year of three months, starting from 05/10/1435 H to 7/1 / 1436 e.
    The ministry warned everyone of violation guidance, and that may not be only after obtaining a license from the emirates areas in accordance with the system of fishing and its implementing regulations, noting that violates it will display the same penalties and fines and the confiscation of the means and tools used in fishing stipulated by the regulations and instructions in this regard, and noted they informed the emirates areas to arrest offenders and lifting Bach