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Jordan - 24,000 poultry dead - Government says not bird flu

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  • Jordan - 24,000 poultry dead - Government says not bird flu

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    Karak - Constitution - Najat Ahamidat

    The results of laboratory tests that were made for the second time for poultry carcasses in one of the farms the banner of the palace and of which there were 24 thousand birds out of 40 thousand birds on the farm owned by the farmer Khaled Hamayda that the cause of poultry deaths according to Director of Veterinary Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Monzer Al Rifai is a disease Aljmburp and inflammation in the airways as a result of general weakness in the immunity of birds. Rifai stressed the absence of bird flu in the Kingdom, calling farmers need to abide by immunization programs and review the departments of Agriculture in this regard and sterilizing their farms and adopt modern methods of biosecurity. And non-reliance on their special experience in this area.


    Date: 18/04/2011