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Jordan - Karak Governorate, thousands of chickens died, not bird flu or Newcastle disease

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  • Sally Furniss
    Re: Jordan - Karak Governorate, thousands of chickens died

    Karak - Nasreen Atrophy - The Veterinary Director at the Ministry of Agriculture, Dr. Monzer Al Rifai, free of all poultry farms in the Kingdom of avian influenza and Newcastle disease.
    He said in a statement to the ?opinion? that the injuries that have appeared in a flock of poultry carnivores in a farm brigade palace north of Karak, caused in the registration of deaths caused by a viral disease called ?Qmburp? ? الرأي? in accordance with what shown by the results of laboratory tests conducted on samples from dead birds, stressing This disease is not contagious to humans and classified from the common diseases that affect poultry waste in the winter so the rumors about injury herd Newcastle disease or bird flu.

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  • Jordan - Karak Governorate, thousands of chickens died, not bird flu or Newcastle disease

    Continue to suffer poultry farmers in the governorate of Karak, after their farms for the disease, a serious viral strange and led to the deaths of tens of thousands of chickens, where he experienced his "Ahtor" in Karak Governorate during the past few days the death of some 22 thousand birds, and his appointed about 12 thousand birds in the town of Rakhine 5000 birds in addition to the injury of tens of thousands of birds and a strange disease, with farmers refusing to sell in local markets to fear on the health of citizens.

    Laboratory tests did not indicate any sign indicating symptoms of pandemic flu, which farmers fear him, however, that farmers are wary of other serious viral diseases afflict the chicken as a result of eating foods and vaccines is not medically sound.

    Farms Osama Mubarak Dhunaibat said the "Constitution" he had sent samples of chickens living and the dead patient disease strange and dangerous to the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Agriculture in Karak Governorate, however, that laboratory results did not reveal the mystery of serious diseases that plague in poultry farms in the province.

    For his part, said head of livestock in the Agriculture Department of Karak, Dr. Sami Jawabra had been taking samples from dead birds, numbering in the thousands showed initial tests that it suffered from the disease (NDV), which is characterized by bleeding in the stomach and bronchopneumonia aerobic and other neurological symptoms, pointing to the he was sent a sample of dead birds to laboratories livestock in the Ministry of Agriculture to make sure the disease.\LocalAndGover\2011\02\LocalAndG over_issue1213_day09_id302260.htm