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Abkhaziya/Georgia - Rumors of bf in Abkhaziya

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  • Abkhaziya/Georgia - Rumors of bf in Abkhaziya

    babelfished from Russian:

    Gosveterinarnaya service: In Abkhaziya there is no bird influenza, and the prohibition is superimposed to the import of meat from Georgia
    June 26, 2006

    In Abkhaziya it is fixed not one case of development of bird influenza. On this, as reports correspondent IA regnum, stated the chairman of the state veterinary service of Abkhaziya Erik Anshb, commenting on the information of the Georgian OF THE MEDIA about the fact that "tourists in Abkhaziya awaits the bird influenza". According to him, Abkhaziya for the not first time encounters similar of disinformation from the "Georgian neighbor-well-wishers".

    "But their desires do not correspond to reality", he stated, after adding that Abkhaziya is ecologically clean and attractive Black Sea health resort. The chairman of state veterinary service recalled that the government of Abkhaziya undertook the number of cardinal measures on the Georgian-Abkhazian boundary after in a number of Georgia regions the cases of infecting the bird by the virus of bird influenza were fixed. But after the detection of the cases of the disease of cattle by foot-and-mouth disease and "anthrax" in the near-boundary with Abkhaziya regions of Georgia, veterinary service superimposed prohibition to the import of meat.

    В Абхазии не зафиксировано ни одного случая заболевания птичьим гриппом. Об этом, как сообщает корреспондент ИА REGNUM, заявил председатель...

    Abkhaziya [next to/part of Georgia]:
    ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes

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    Abkhaziya/Georgia - BF cover-up in Abkhaziya?

    babelfished from Russian:

    MOMENT "To apkhazeti" declares about the danger of bird influenza in Abkhaziya
    June 26, 2006

    International initiative-taking group "To Apkhazeti" extended communication about the danger of bird influenza in Abkhaziya and charges the authorities of unacknowledged republic with the concealment of information about the possible threat to health and to the lives of people. As transmits correspondent IA Regnum, in the communication it is noted that about 8 [in the] mornings on 10 June the representatives of initiative-taking group located in Abkhaziya was bound at sea, when they noted several frightened neighbors, which examine two dying poultry, in which on the beak was seen uncommon skin.

    "Those disturbed by the repeated telemetric information about the bird influenza, gathering did guess - not with this whether they did encounter? To the question: they did report about this into the appropriate service, one agitated neighbor said that - yes, but no one thus far appeared, but they already hour, as they guard birds from the strangers, it is said in the communication. - After a certain time on the usual passenger motor vehicle drove up several men and one of them simply selected the hens (to their arrival they had time to imprint that happened by camera) and it assumed into the cellophane packet. After which those arrived in a hurry left, no one anything having explained. To the surprise of the gathering people not there was limit, since the rubber gloves were only protective sanitary measure in them. What already there to speak about the disinfection.

    "Subsequently we attempted to find out anything, but answer so they did not obtain, but more lately went rumor, which local authority forbids to reveal the facts of the case of birds, it is noted in the communication to organization. - During several days from vacationers came information about other similar cases, including about the loss of birds in the urban park. After which it became understandable that the local administration conceals these information and, moreover, undertakes no preventive measures. In Moscow we turned themselves into the Ministry of Pub. Health RF with this information and request to isolate means for the preventive maintenance of hen influenza in Abkhaziya in order to protect both local and Russian vacationers, but they refused to us, referring to the absence of the corresponding demand from Abkhaziya".

    As it is emphasized in the communication, "is completely intelligible the attempt of the Abkhazian leaders to draw as much as possible vacationers, in order to render at least minimum assistance to its population" however in Abkhaziya "often take the scene of action of completely opposite nature, that little resemble the concern about the people", and "to keeping secret the danger of bird influenza is attached great significance, than to the health of people - indeed, takeing into account cheap health resort zone, the discussion deals with the mass inflow of tourists, and it means, the inflow of profits".

    Международная инициативная группа "Апхазети" распространила сообщение об опасности птичьего гриппа в Абхазии и обвиняет власти непризнанной...
    ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes


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      Re: Abkhaziya/Georgia - Rumors of bf in Abkhaziya

      Back in March we had this report from Abkhazia. We've also had several other reports of dead birds in Georgia over the last few months, north and south of Abkhazia, one report from near Sukhumi and another from Batumi. Back in February and March, the southern Adzhari District went into a state of emergency due to bird flu for a while. Meanwhile, there have been many unusual infections and deaths affecting people in the country that I will not go into at this time.

      March 4, 2006, 11:52 pm
      Svimonishvili Denied Information On Mass Death Of Birds In Western Georgia
      Tbilisi. March 04 (Prime-News) – Mikheil Svimonishvili, Georgian Agriculture Ministry, denied the information widespread by mass media about mass death of birds on the territory of Enguri river at administrative border with the unrecognized republic Abkhazia.
      Djambul Maghlaperidze, head of the Veterinary Department, also denied the information in his conversation with journalists.
      According to both officials, information about mass death of birds is exaggerated and there are no grounds for panic.
      Mikheil Saakashvili noted that as a result of expertise, carried out in Tbilisi central laboratory, no dead birds were detected the H5N1 virus.
      Since then, the only news from the area was that the residents of Abkhazia were reporting dozens of dead dolphins on June 12th, (making it the fourth country on the Black Sea with numerous dead dolphins in one place in the last three months).