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Immunization for Ontario health care workers lags as patients die

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Immunization for Ontario health care workers lags as patients die


    Ultimatum to health-care workers: get the flu shot, or wear a mask
    Healthcare organizations have seen pushback across the continent for putting patient health first, but are finding the results worth the effort.
    By: Robert Cribb Foreign, Investigations Tara Deschamps, Published on Sun Jul 20 2014

    Marilyn Babineau started getting the angry phone calls almost immediately.

    It was 2012 when the hospital administrator at New Brunswick?s Horizon Health Network became the target of rage among health-care workers, after word spread that all staff would henceforth have to either get an influenza vaccination or wear a mask while near patients during flu season.

    ?There was pushback,? recalls Babineau, manager of workforce wellness at Horizon Health, the largest healthcare organization in Atlantic Canada serving New Brunswick, northern Nova Scotia and PEI.

    ?Rather than focus on the negatives, we said what?s mandatory is to protect our patients. They?re here because they?re sick and compromised. We have to protect them. How can anyone disagree with wanting to protect the patient population??

    It?s a common tale among healthcare administrators who have imposed mandatory vaccination policies across North America, a Toronto Star/Ryerson University investigation has found...

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  • Immunization for Ontario health care workers lags as patients die


    Immunization for Ontario health care workers lags as patients die
    Thousands of health care staff and patients have sickened or died in recent years. Yet opinion remains divided on mandatory immunization.
    By: Tara Deschamps Staff Reporter, Robert Cribb Foreign, Published on Sat Jul 19 2014

    Nearly 200 people died and hundreds more were hospitalized from the spread of disease in Toronto long-term care homes, retirement homes and hospitals in the past four years, a Star/Ryerson University investigation has found.

    In all, more than 4,200 staff, patients and residents became sick or were killed in 144 fatal outbreaks between 2010 and 2013.

    To bring the numbers to acceptable levels will take ?some form? of mandatory immunization of health care workers, said Dr. David McKeown, Toronto?s medical officer of health. To be effective, the rates need to be above 90 per cent, he said.

    Staff immunization rates in Toronto hospitals were 47 per cent last year, 57 per cent in ?complex continuing-care facilities? such as rehabilitation clinics and 76 per cent in long-term care facilities.

    Among the thousands sickened in Toronto outbreaks ? including health care workers, patients and residents ? more than 260 people were hospitalized last year alone, according to Toronto Public Health estimates...